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    Joe Ferrero

    Hello Outkick Community —

    Yesterday was a brutal day for me. I am a graduate of both Wisconsin (undergraduate) and Oregon (graduate) and an avid football and basketball fan of both. After following recruiting and team news on a daily basis, as well as donating money to both schools the rug was pulled out from underneath me, all my fellow fans, and worst of all the players and coaches. I know that the recent threats to unionize added fire to the decision to pull the plug and they did rub me the wrong way. However, I chalk it up to the society we have created and try not to hold it against the kids…they are pawns of the leftist establishment and are likely getting awful advice from misguided lawyers and “activists” (think Kaepernick). Clay has suggested this in re: the pac 12 unionization push.

    The first thing I did after all of this went down? I signed up for Outkick VIP. I wanted to be able to express my frustrations with reasonable people (our 247 boards and independent boards have been overrun with leftists who shut down dialogue). I just wanted to say hello and hope that all the SEC, BIG 12, and ACC fans will allow me to share their excitement about the upcoming season and the joy/anguish that the college football season always brings. Let’s win some money while we are at it too!!! I look forward to meeting you all.

    Cheers and thank you to Clay and Jason for launching this.
    Big Joe

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    Jim Crews

    Good stuff, Big Joe.

    I had tickets to the Clemson/FSU game in Tallahassee on Oct 10.

    They announced a couple of weeks ago that they are only letting boosters in – approx 12,000.

    Joe Six Pack: Denied

    It’s my annual trek to see a college game – snuffed out by the COVID crap.

    Your pain is worse than mine… but the sting is everywhere.



    Welcome, Joe!

    I’m a Michigan alum, but have seen football and baseball at Oregon. LOVE their facilities!

    I encourage everyone whose teams have cancelled their season to travel to some other spots you’ve been wanting to check out that are allowing fans. Anywhere in the SEC is a good time!

    Assuming they are allowing fans, I plan on checking out games at Clemson, OU/Texas in Dallas (for a 2nd time), and some other spots I’ve yet to get to.


    W Michael Brown

    Please cancel my account immediately.

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