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    Matt Weill

    Longhorns signed #1 overall prospect for 2022 class at the premiere position. Best QB prospect signed since the Vincent Young graced us. Kid threw 45 TD to 3 INT as a sophomore in the most competitive HS league in the country (Texas 6A).

    Incredibly happy Texas will play this year but still won’t get over NCAA saying they won’t be having a champion named, in addition to taking away our game against LSU where we were going to smack them in Death Valley (especially without fans). Realistically, the Big 12 is playing because Texas wanted to play. Without Texas the Big 12 would’ve been dismantled and we would have the PAC 16. They’re the most powerful University in America from a financial and political perspective, and if UT had said they aren’t playing then the Big 12 would’ve followed.

    The person I feel most empathy for is Sam ehlinger. Most of you know the story about his father by now. And this was their dream for Sam to bring Texas back to prominence and take home another National Championship. Thankfully he will at least get the opportunity to play and improve his draft stock this year just as Joe Burrow was able to do last. Sam may not have an arm like Jamarcus Russell (which stronger than Mahomes-see 82 yard throw on his knees). However he does have an adequate one that can make all the necessary throws at the next level. His best trait is one that won’t win any beauty contests just as Brady didn’t in the 2000 NFL draft, which is the “it” factor. His teammates love playing with him and he just makes plays to win games.


    I wouldn’t get too excited.

    I Think college football has changed. In just the last couple years major QB’s have transferred and played for a new team in the same 12 month period.

    This will happen more with other positions. And sadly as $$$ effects athletes, states will have an even harder time keeping in state talent in state.

    Hook ‘me Horns.


    Stephen Edds

    Jake Smith, the Texas Sophomore Wide Receiver, is the son of a fraternity brother of mine. Jake’s dad was on a zoom call with my fraternity brothers a few months back and I asked him if Jake, being a blond, good-looking Texas football player, was working his way through the Texas co-eds like Joey Chestnut through Nathan’s hot dogs, and his dad laughed and said Jake has had a steady girlfriend since high school. Man, wasted opportunity there, lol.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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