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    Like most of you earlier VIPers, I listen and read Clay regularly. The one thing I’ve read this past year that I have to ask him:
    Did you really see that damn ghost in Michigan?


    Chauncey Billips

    That was an amazing story. I can’t imagine a gay Muslim making that up.


    Clay Travis

    Yes, the ghost was real.

    I will believe it to my dying day.

    Here’s that story for people who missed it:



    Pretty fascinating. growing up my parents had a pretty significant collection of Don Troiani civil war paintings around the house. We’d moved from Fredericksburg to Memphis when I was 2. Anyways, on our second floor, we had a long balcony type hallway that led to our pool table room. Inside the room, on the far wall, one of the paintings hung above my toy box. I forget the title of the painting but it was one of the more gruesome of the collection. I must’ve been 7 or so when I first really became aware of the brutality of the paintings. My parents were divorced around this time so it was only my mom and I living in a 5000+ sq foot house. My bedroom was at the far end of the hallway from where this picture hung. I started to notice at night with the lights off that one of the soldier’s eyes would glow yellow. It would send chills through me whenever I would see it and it continued with more of the various paintings in the house. It was always a soldier who was being stabbed with a bayonette or a sword. I would stare at them for a bit and the glowing would go away. My parents ended up dividing them and I made my mom give those ones to my dad. But to this day I think they’re haunted from our time in the Fredericksburg area.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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