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    So, Democraps lose elections and should have lost in another so what happens next? First, Aaron Rodgers is blasted by the vax crowd. And a day later, ESPN comes out with a scathing report on the Phoenix Suns… So you see, when you lose, you go after the people/cities/states that support freedom and are for America.
    First, funny how well Rodgers performed Sunday being so “sick”. When you look at who is out with real injuries (knees, broken bones, concussions) it really makes you wonder why this is even in place. Why are we monitoring the COVID (Controlling Oppressed Victims Independent Decisions) so closely? I hope Peyton and Eli have Aaron on Monday night so we can see how sick he really is… But I’m sure ESPN would not allow him a guest spot… Why has the players Union agreed to this crap? Power and money. For the Union, its the opposite, its Money and no power without the money.
    Now the Suns… What happened to the Washington Redskins? Yes, they are a football team, but a proud bunch of Indians were happy to lend their face to this organization with much PRIDE. What happened to this story? Well, too close to DC, so had to go to Phoenix where, sigh, there was an audit… Which showed how much cheating was going on in the election. The only part of the story I do not know is this; Robert Sarver a Trump supporter?
    When ESPN launches an investigation, one has to wonder why the NBA was not aware of this situation. Now the NBA says they will investigate… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, who is running this show?
    This is the last time I go to a Sports bar for lunch… I quit watching ESPN long ago…

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