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    We’d like to start shouting out all of the new members as they join and invite you to introduce yourself in this thread!


    Matthew Wilkes

    Matthew here… Lifelong sad SC Gamecock fan living in South Carolina. Lived in Nashville from 2003-2012 and listened to 3HL every day. Just got VIP last month – good stuff!


    Welcome Matt…..

    I’ll show myself out.


    Matthew Wilkes

    LOL. It actually took me a minute…


    Andy Wright

    Andy here. New VIP member. MTSU and NSL grad. UT/Titans/Preds fan. Casual baseball fan. I’d like to say it was the 30% off promo that convinced me to sign up, but in truth it was the free DBAP t-shirt. Looking forward to being a member for the next year. Hope to contribute and be entertained.


    Mike Nichols

    Mike Nichols here! Live in Franklin now after the 34% tax increase. Listend to Clay for a long time. Glad to have real sports talk here! Can’t wait for Outkick 360. Will be in Cancun when it airs but will be listening on my phone. Graduated from Belmont. Have lived here for 35 years before Nashville had professional sport teams.


    Welcome Gentlemen! Glad that you guys are a part of the forums and OutKick!


    Pauly B

    I joined a few months ago. I have been crazy busy on a project. Accenture keeps you humming with covid and me working in energy as a DM&O consultant. I started a few days ago doing a deep deep dive into Outkick. I Love the content. I listen daily to the Outkick podcast. Big fan down here in Houston inside the loop


    Adam DePriest

    Adam DePriest. High school football coach and math teacher in Little Rock. Lifelong Arkansas Razorback fan. Haven’t missed a podcast of Clay’s morning show since April. After the stimulus passed, I decided I’m going to use it as much as possible to support businesses and ministries that I like and believe in, and this is tied for 2nd on my list with Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire.


    DeWayne Gee

    Joined Outkick for the Outkick 360 and Paul Kuharsky. The mailbag is fun. I am a fan mutt which means I like several teams that probably make no sense to others. I like almost all competitions, but the NFL receives the majority of my attention these days. All in on the Titan. Not a lawyer, a thief, just a banker.



    What up Outkick? Thomas Leachman here. Ashland, VA. D3 Hampden Sydney College roob here. Been on The Kick since last May as a VIP. Enjoying the ride. Gotta work harder on following Outkick 360. Be pretty cool if you simply had a link on the page that took you to Clay of FSR in AM and to Outkick 360 as kind of a channel.

    Also, anyone got a short cut on Sonos to pull Clay on FSR in the am?

    Moving and Storage Salesman here working out of my crib daily!


    Gary Thielman

    GTman here from Nashville. Trump, Titans, Pred’s, Vols, Twins.




    My name is Matthew McMillen, and I am 20 years old. I am from Richmond, Virginia, and I have been checking out OutKick for the past few months and decided to become a VIP member today!!! Just FYI, I have autism, mild cerebral palsy that affects my motor skills, and I have juvenile idiopathic arthritis, which means I have psoriatic arthritis. I am a pro-Trump conservative that believes in free speech in sports media as well as being against censorship on social media. I am graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree in May, and I am glad to be here!!!



    Hey Guys,

    Anthony here. I am originally from a small town in Southern England but I moved to the US 6 years ago. First to LA, and then as of two months ago the wife and I moved to Austin where she went to Law school.

    I love this country and all that it stands for. The sports, the people, the food, the atmosphere, the vast open terrain to explore and all the sights and sounds it has to offer. It’s imperative we protect the freedom and opportunity this country has to offer and we do it with honesty, integrity and sheer determination to fight what is the most egregious culture war in history built on lies and divisiveness, all for political point scoring.

    Outkick symbolizes what used to be classed as common sense and holding yourself to a high, honest standard. In an era where sports and political media is rampant with lies, false narratives, cancel culture and intolerance of counter opinion, Outkick is head and shoulders above anything else that remains and it should be the backbone of how we rebuild the standards. I will go down with this ship to fight for the right of differences of opinions, fun and honest sports and political reporting, and I hope we can build a community here which brings people together and leads us once again down the path of critical thinking, exchanging ideas and raising the bar for others to follow.

    I am a big baseball fan, I have attended many La Dodger games and follow intently. American friends always question how I know so much about the game, there’s something special about it which is hard to explain – one day i’ll try. NFL I am a big Packers man and have a few friends that work at the franchise. American sports will always be awesome to me and they should be about sharing drinks and pizzas, joining fantasy leagues together, and mocking your friends teams when they lose to last minute field goals, keep divisive politics OUT!

    Hope to see you all in the coming times.


    Welcome to OutKick Anthony!


    John Matrixx

    I am John Matrixx, 1/2 of Black and White Sports and Black and White Network along with Rhodes Rants. I am in Houston, TX. I am a big fan of Outkick and we call out the BS in Woke Sports like the SJW lies from LeChina James and the Marxist NBA of China. Glad to be here.



    James here.. Central California. Marine vet. 18+ yrs in LE. Padres and “Redskins” fan.


    Steve E

    Hey everyone, I’ve been an Outkick fan since I discovered the site and the show a few months ago (I think it was after I saw Clay raging in an Instagram video that was on national news).

    I live in the People’s Communist Republik of Oregon (under Comrade Kate Brown), where I have lived most of my life (and I would looooove to get out). I’ve always been a sports person, having done water polo and swimming for years in my younger days, a little basketball, and was a top level amateur level tournament racquetball player for a few years. Now I do basketball and Crossfit to stay in shape.

    I’m a UCLA fan, dating back to the mid-1970s when I was little and my dad was attending UCLA at the end of the Wooden era. I’m also a Dodgers fan, dating back to that time. My NFL team has been the Cowboys since then (I loved Staubach), and I’ve been a Blazers fan since I moved to Oregon about a month after they won their only title. However, with all the woke politics from the major sports leagues these days, I rarely watch any sports any more.

    I attended a small liberal arts school (and believe me, they put the “liberal” in liberal arts) called Colorado College in Colorado Springs. My small brush with fame is that I went to school with and knew Liz Cheney (daughter of Dick Cheney, and current US Rep from Wyoming) and her sister Mary, and her dad was our commencement speaker right after the Gulf War, when he was Secretary of Defense.

    I am a staunch conservative, and love the fact that Clay speaks out on topics that other shows ignore, and calls out the leftist media for their cluelessness and wokeness.


    Robert Jason

    Robert here…Brentwood, TN. IMAWriter is my user name. University of Miami graduate (Frost School of Music). I’m a songwriter/Producer. Attended UM games beginning in 1957 to 1970. Huge Dolphin fan as well. Politically, I’m slightly to the right of Attila the Hun, but am always ready for a reasonable discussion with the other side. The other side…wish it didn’t have to be. But it is. Happy my friend Armando Salguero has escaped the horrors of McClatchy prison and joined on here. He’s a fine sportswriter and finer human being.

    Wishing all of you continued success, good health and happiness. Blessings, IMA.


    Josh Vick

    Josh from north TX – Bama alum, raised in Louisiana – Clay and the Outkick team rescued me from the local sports radio coronobros and babies and I haven’t looked back since landing on Team Reality and then finding Team Outkick. Thank you team!


    Jordan Gilland

    What’s number one on your list?


    Jordan Gilland

    What’s number one on your list? I have both subs as well.

    Well this was meant to show as a reply to Adam DePriest, maybe it’s just showing funny on mobile?

    Edit: I have no idea what I’m doing, obviously

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    Risa Kaplan

    So now that Atlanta is hosting the playoff game how can woke California come to Georgia. Rob Manfred better not show his lily white ass in my town after taking the all star game away to lily white denver. Reports are coming out that due to our new voting laws more people will vote. And to digress those affluent white liberal women must think blacks are so stupid they can’t get drivers licenses or free state id’s.



    You should begin to feel better when and if Rattler proves himself a great QB once and for all.

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