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    Matthew McWilliams

    If I understand correctly, ESPN is ditching what is possibly the best ever college sports intro theme song for a piece of pre-fabricated rap garbage just so they could have a tie in with the newest pre-fabricated piece of crap Disney film to ooze off the CGI line. For years I’ve pulled myself out of bed early on every Saturday in the fall just to catch the opening of College Gameday live. This latest stunt may just be enough to push me over to the Fox pregame show. Take a listen the new “song” and try to convince me that it doesn’t suck.



    Just ditch espn I did years ago you will feel so much better I started reading more instead of watching all that stupid crap they dish out its great!



    Agreed with James. At one point, ESPN actually had decent information and insight. Once I realized it was all filler, I stopped watching anything that wasn’t a live sporting event. I miss what it was, but breaking the inertia of watching ESPN is freeing.



    What a dumbass decision by espn.


    Johnny Petraglia

    College game day is the only show I watch in espn. Even think RG3 is pretty good. But cmon man. Go back to the old opening.


    Michael Harris

    ESPN lost me when they became political. GameDay was the only non event I watched. When they have bad announcers like Beth Mowrey, off goes the sound. I guess rap is woke. It does not connect with me. I will try Fox.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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