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    The MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire on December 1, which means labor negotiations will be ongoing over the next several months. One report says representatives from MLB and the MLBPA met on Monday in Denver to discuss alterations to the existing CBA. According to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, the big change proposed by the owners involved a salary floor subsidized by a lower tax threshold.

    The report says the owners proposed having a $100 million floor. However, the first tier of the luxury tax would be lowered from its current level of $210 million to $180 million.

    The addition of a salary floor would be welcomed. It would force teams to spend a certain amount of money on their roster each year. However, the tradeoff would be a lower first tax threshold. This tradeoff would have an adverse effect on spending, so there might not be much of a net gain to this change leaguewide.


    As a fan of a team that has had 3 losing streaks over 10 games this year and will end up with a win total in the 40’s I hope this happens. Their current payroll is around 50 million this year. 27 million of that is for Alex Cobb on the Angels and Chris Davis. They are fielding a non-competitive MLB team on around 23 million night in and night out hoping all the high draft picks and prospects they got for Machado, Gausman, Schoop, Britton and others currently in A and Double A pan out in a couple years. Spend another 50 million, get some short term veterans and put something on the field that isn’t a total embarassment while you rebuild.

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