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    Graduated the US Air Force Academy in 1989. At that time we played in the WAC. Had our highest finishing college football poll ranking, #5, my freshman year – after knocking off an 8-2 Texas team in the Blue Bonnet Bowl. Chad Hennings, who went on to win 3 super bowl rings with the Dallas Cowboys, after serving 5 years on active duty, was our standout defensive end. He went on to win the Outland Trophy in 1987. Small aside, we beat Notre Dame all four years I was a cadet there – got to love those Gerry Faust years.



    Bowling Green State University! My Alma Mater, and Joe Kinsey’s are rivals FWIW


    John Gebhard

    Wisconsin Milwaukee



    Degree #2 from DePaul University in Chicago


    Jared Hassell

    BBA TN Tech, MBA Lipscomb

    Would love to see if there are alumni here!


    William Land

    Louisiana Tech University class of 2018! Go dogs!


    Colorado State University (after one year at Miami (OH)). Should have graduated in 91, but transferring, changing majors three times and one off sequence course delayed that until 94.

    (Who am I kidding, too many trips to the bars and an entire semester lost to a back injury and a bad doctor….)

    I was primarily responsible for a 30 year tradition at CSU that some damn snowflake ruined because he didn’t follow the rules and tried to blame everyone else for it.


    Let me guess – College Days at CSU? When I was down at the Academy, we came up for it every year. It was getting out of control in the late 80’s too, with the cops and frat houses getting into it more and more each year…


    The year that the riots happened (spring 1988) I was a Freshman at Miami, but upon seeing that, two of my friends at Miami applied to transfer to CSU and join me. They banned it as an official thing starting in 1989, but unofficially it was nearly as crazy. By 1991, it was just another weekend. I did get to enjoy it as a senior in HS in 1987 though – it was nuts.


    I was there for most of those years. All the frat houses had folks discharging fireworks at the cops as they marched down frat row. We decided that was our cue to get the hell out of there. Being arrested is not a good thing at the Academy. A very quick way to get the boot.


    Johnny Petraglia

    Wrong MAC team. UB. Go Bulls.

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