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    Garrett Cox

    Clay and the rest of you will enjoy this. So I live here in Joplin which is where Matt Miller (Coronabro) lives. I’ve ran into him a few times. He comes off as a decent dude. But man… the guy is a total diva. He has gone off on Joplin for not wearing masks and it has pissed me off to no end. There are PLENTY of companies here in Joplin (including the one I work for), that have done such a good job with following other protocols that we don’t HAVE to wear one. But of course he doesn’t take that into account when ripping his city on Twitter, continuing to give Joplin a bad name. A city by the way, who has already had to go through enough after our F5 Tornado in 2011. I can’t stand the guy. He deserves to be called out on the show IMHO. He’s a big name in the college football world, yet WANTS it to be cancelled… It’s baffling beyond belief. He’s a hardcore political puppet, so it is no surprise.

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