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    I’m a longtime VIP and this may fall on deaf ears but Outkick is falling lower and lower on my reading list. At its peak, you had Clay, Whitlock and Couch all writing columns that were topical and engaging…with a can’t wait to read vibe. Now? When Clay does write, it’s either short and sweet or the childish Anonymous Mailbag. Like Bill Simmons, he has moved away from his base in order to attain greater wealth (which he never hid was his goal so God bless him). Whitlock is at the Blaze writing great stories daily. Stories that I find maintaining the long lost Outkick can’t wait to read vibe (despite being affiliated with Glenn Beck). And I know Whitlock chose to leave Outkick (which I’m sure he regrets) but still his loss is also Outkick’s when it comes to quality journalism.

    There’s no joy in this. I’m not going to stop being a VIP. But can you possibly get back to having some common sense long form articles? Sometimes it’s feels like Outkick is more National Enquirer than original Outkick the Coverage. Maybe that’s what the new demo requires. Who knows? Just hate to see it drift further and further down my bookmarks.

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    Eric Heller

    tskogg it was only Clay & his brutal honest satire… beyond his bad apparel, the new guys are actually pretty dang good. Its Try Kellerman or Gotlieb for 3 hours. Clays is on a bigger mission…I support him 100%, and it sucks for us (withdrawals are a beach).



    tskogg, I feel you.
    I have listened to about 2-3 hours of sports radio since Clay’s last Outkick morning show, though I do manage to catch him most days in the afternoon. (That will soon end when the kids & I go back to school, as I’m a teacher.) I do miss it, so if someone can point me to some good, non-woke sports radio, please let me know.
    I have always enjoyed Joe Kinsey, Bobby Burack, and Gary Sheffield Jr., so I’ll continue to support Outkick in written form in that regard.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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