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    In an attempt to prevent ex post facto claims of Game of Thrones wisdom, throw down your current power rankings for the frontrunner for the Iron Throne. Updates each week.

    1. The Night King
    – Westeros’ Tom Brady has a zombie dragon and a killer arm, not to mention the strong O-line provided by the wights. Clear cut number 1 at the moment.

    2. Jon Snow
    – Golden Boy needs to call better plays next week if he doesn’t want to wind up getting frozen by his slampiece’s dead dragon child. Still has the best legitimate claim to the throne.

    3. Cersei Lannister
    – She’s lasted this long and is still the smartest character on the show. However, she’s gone batshit crazy and is running out of options.

    4. Dany
    – Two dragons is better than none and the Dothraki have the best ground game in the league. However she’s got the Butch Jones of Westeros in Tyrion, and has the temperament of Muschamp.

    5. Euron
    – Dark-Horse Candidate.

    Post-season finale picks next week.



    1) The Night King
    2) The Night King
    3) The Night King
    4) The Night King
    5) The Night King

    No way the Long Night ever ends this time. I agree with Jmart completely on the show can’t end happily.


    The Uncle

    1) Dany- I think it was a huge Easter egg when the mentioned that in High Valyrian, it could be “The Prince or Princess that was Promissed.
    2) The Night King- Hard to go against an evil force that like that. It like betting against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
    3) Jon Snow- I think he is high on everyone’s lists. I think he dies defeating the Night King, If not, he is number 1
    4) Tyrion- It would fit the bittersweet ending, because it would mean the 3 characters above are dead.
    5) Beric Dondarrian- My dark-horse candidate. I predict Jon snow dies killing the Night King. Last episode when he told Jon Snow the Lord of Light kept the two of them around for a reason, got me thinking this could be. Also, as the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners, I think he has an appeal to the common folk of Westeros. This also involves a lot of key characters dying.

    Prediction for Tonight- Jaime Strangles Cersei to death, or at the very least, the show ends with him strangling her and we are left to wonder until the next season comes. Someone big has to die tonight. Either way, Jaime strangles Cersei to death before the show ends.



    I could see the show ending with the Iron Throne up still for grabs or an irrelivent aspect. Especially if the theory about Bran being the Night King is true, then the ending would be Jon Snow killing Bran/The Night King. I wouldn’t put it past George R.R. Martin to piss everyone off and leave it up to interpretation or take the iron throne out of the equation completely.



    Post-Season 7 Power Rankings

    The end of Season 7 has come, and we will be without GoT for at least a year and a half it seems. Here is where the power rankings stand for me going into the playoffs.

    1. The Night King
    – Good. Lord. These people are organized. Night King=Saban.

    2. Cersei Lannister
    – Brutal but brilliant play by Cersei last night that makes her the clear cut second. One way or the other, both Jon and Dany aren’t coming back from fighting the walkers (maybe both). Letting her enemies kill each other off while reloading with the mercenaries from Essos is the smart play. Is it possible she lets the North split off at the end of the show and continues to rule the South? May be hard to believe that someone so evil can end up winning at the end, but the strength of her current position is undeniable.

    3. Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen)
    – Well. . . he didn’t know it was his Aunt right? Does that make it better? Confirming what most already knew, Jon Snow is in fact a trueborn Targaryen and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. He’s come this far, but will fighting the walkers be the end of him? It may be that Jon is the price to pay for knocking off the Night King. Even if he survives, he still has to go through Cersei (and possibly Dany), to get the Iron Throne. However, the best claim as well as his skill set put him solidly in the three spot.

    4. Dany
    – A good ways back of the pack, her claim to the Iron Throne is about to take a fatal blow once Jon’s heritage is fully revealed to the world. With no legitimate claim, will Dany be forced to support Jon? Or will she see herself as the best chance for peace and push on?

    5. Dissolution of the Monarchy
    – It could be entirely possible that the people of Westeros see a democracy come to fruition. Hinted at by Tyrion two episodes ago, there are more ways than one to pick a ruler. Perhaps the players will give power to the people, breaking the wheel once and for all.

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