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    Hello everyone,

    I am glad this forum got up right before the start of football season. I was born and raised on the west coast. Through discovering Clay and Outkick a little over a year ago, I have become very interested in the SEC and learning more about the culture of sports in the south.

    I am going to travel to the south this fall to 2 or 3 games. I am looking for the best overall experience. Everything from going out on a Friday to tailgating/football on Saturday, and maybe even going to church on Sunday with some hot girl that I may meet along the process(this is a southern thing, right?)

    I am looking for potential games to seek out, and even potential people who might want to help me find the ultimate SEC experience.





    Any game on an SEC campus will be a great experience if you have never been before. As an Auburn grad, my bias leads me to tell you that if you can wait until November then the Iron Bowl on the Plains is just incredible. I will definitely be there for it and will assist in showing you a great time.

    I have been to several other SEC campuses as well and some of the more fun ones I have experienced are:

    Ole Miss – The Grove is a shit show of a time.

    Death Valley (LSU) – Those motherfuckers party and you will hear “Suck that tiger dick, bitch!” so much it will be stuck in your head for a week.

    Alabama – Bryant Denny Stadium night games are great (because it’s usually a blowout and you can leave early to go drink more.)

    Recommended games

    1) Iron Bowl @ Auburn 11/25
    2) LSU @ Bama 11/4
    3)LSU @ Ole Miss 10/21
    4) Auburn @ LSU 10/14



    It is hard to tell you how to do this because I do not know your finances, but I guess you will want to go to back to back weekends in different towns and vacation in between. That would seem to be the most time & money effective. To maximize your trip I recommend you fly into Birmingham and rent a car on November 3rd and make your way to Tuscaloosa for the UA vs LSU game. You will have a blast in T-town and it will easily be one of the best games of the year. On Monday start making your way to Athens for the UGA vs Auburn game. You can stay a few nights in both Birmingham & ATL while making the trip to Athens. Athens is an absolute blast and a great party town. You will not be disappointed. One good thing about this is that you could drop off your rental car in ATL and get a cheap flight back to the west coast. If you feel really ballsy and can do a 2-week trip I would go from Athens to Knoxville for the Tennessee vs LSU game. The week in between to you could check out the Smokey Mountains, I would drive a little extra and go check out Asheville as well. Knoxville is an amazing place to catch a game and Neyland stadium is a huge piece of SEC history. This would be a pretty awesome trip and I will be jealous if you do it.



    Thanks! Just to clarify, money isn’t an issue. I’m starting work with a new client this next week so taking time off during the week for the next few months will be difficult as I am building that relationship. With that being said, I am capable of flying in somewhere and flying out near the weekends, and can even do back-to-back weekends. I can also rent cars when I fly in though I imagine I will be drinking and not want to drive, but taxi fairs don’t scare me away. I would pay for good tickets and really just look for people who were open to showing me how they party.



    What’s up Kyle? I am actually headed out west to the USCw v Tejas game next month. Going to experience that with a buddy from Fresno who went to USCw dental school so I am pumped to experience some Pac12 home football. As for you coming to the south and as a LSU man, I have heard Athens, Georgia is the ultimate shit show. 120 bars in a mile radius? UGA fans please confirm. Tuscaloosa is a damn good time too. Was in Rounders the night LSU beat Bama in 2011. In previous years, I have heard Ole Miss supporters say “we may lose the game, but we will win the party!” That may even be more true this year. The Grove is a fun tradition.

    As far as LSU, I mean we start tailgating on Thursday night. When I was at LSU, I took a Wednesday night class and people were setting up for Saturday. Baton Rouge is arguably the biggest shit hole in SEC, but everything around campus comes alive for 3 nights only to restock on food and beer Sunday morning. Two games to consider attending this fall: Auburn and Tejas A&M. I will be headed to Knoxupville, Tennessee when LSU goes in November so I will finally experience game day there.



    Great to see you increased interest in the greatest sport and conference known to mankind.
    Here are my top 3 I would recommend for you in this upcoming season:

    1) Georgia vs. Tennessee (9/30) Knoxville, TN
    2) LSU vs. Alabama (11/4) Tuscaloosa, AL
    3) Alabama vs. Auburn (11/25) Auburn, AL


    Ivan Wright

    If you haven’t read Clay’s book, “Dixieland Delight”, it chronicles his 2006 football season of visiting SEC schools. Might give you some insight on where you’d like to visit.

    Get it on Amazon

    Dixieland Delight



    Here is how I would rank the SEC experiences I have had. I will be doing Tennessee (vs. South Carolina) this October:

    1.) LSU (think NOLA but on a college campus!)
    2.) Alabama (Iron Bowl 2014. AWESOME!!! A very memorable experience.)
    3.) Georgia (hottest girls I have seen in the SEC)
    4.) Auburn (Fun times! Rented a house with 20 others and it was a blast for all of us.)
    5.) Florida (Good, but not on the same level as the other SECs in my mind)

    I have done every Big Ten spot and am a Big Ten alumnus (Michigan). The SEC puts the Big Ten to shame, from the hot women to the tailgates to the stadium atmosphere.



    Disclaimer, I am a season ticket holder since 1999 at Texas A&M, and now on the 2nd year of RV’ing.

    You want an amazing experience… A&M vs Alabama at Kyle Field is unreal. It is 10/7 this year. Only the Magic 8 Ball could tell you how the Aggie will play, but in October has been good. I have been to South Carolina and Vanderbilt. So I have not seen many of the other highly rated venues, that are on the bucket list.

    So I would have to say… you’d have a fantastic experience in Aggieland.




    I am with Tanner and biased towards Auburn, being a graduate myself. Adding to that, I am a season ticket holder and have several friends that are as well, so if you’re looking at coming to a big confrence game in Jordan-Hare I can more than likely hook you up with good seats. And the tailgating and good times comes with any SEC football game. I’m a firm believer you can’t have a bad time at an SEC football game.

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