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    john rau

    How is it possible I am the only person who finds it ridiculously odd that someone as intelligent as Clay, who has such strong and well versed opinions as Clay, on the myriad of all topics as Clay…happens to have absolutely ZERO thoughts about election integrity? After months on a national (Rush for God’s sakes) broadcast show?

    He’s reminded us repeatedly for years he is a “first amendment absolutist” (first amendment and boobs, anyone?). Someone tell me WHAT violates our first amendment privilege more than stealing our votes? Does Clay believe that dear leader, godless commie joe biden actually got 81 million votes? Most popuar president ever, right? (newsflash – elections have been maniputated for at least 20 years).

    Or maybe Clay is “owned” by godless commie “fox” now, and no longer has a voice of his own??

    Kinda like lebron james, bending the knee to his communist overlords? I try hard but am failing miserably to see the distinction??

    What say you CLAY?

    Wouldn’t surprise me if this post is pulled down from this site tbh. Hypocrites tend to hypocrite. Hope your kids are proud of their Dad and all the money is good Clay. Sleep well I guess


    john rau




    CT is also a “radical moderate”. While he may privately believe the election was won thanks to cheating, he must have calculated (like Tucker Carlson perhaps), that the benefits of publicly proclaiming this assertion of stolen election did not outweigh the costs of doing so. As the country has shifted far to the left, CT’s place on the Overton Window now appears rather Right of Center. And while he’s still moderate, he does seem to be a good ally to the first amendment and other traditional-American causes. Many others will do “the dirty work” of sitting in jail cells and speaking more publicly.

    It seems CT and Tucker are busy enough fighting battles on other fronts– to fight a battle on the stolen election front would compromise their work on other fronts. All things considered, these men are actually pretty good allies, and they do what they can to help the country.

    For more conservative (not “radical-moderate”) discourse, it could be that or or offer the more plain speech, without the “going Fox on me” features.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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