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    Jay Galbreath

    I’m fascinated with the latest chapter in the long game of ESPN subscriptions. Clay was first and really the only person out there taking about the huge financial hit to ESPN as everyone cut the cord and left cable and satellite subscription in massive numbers. The main reason: the exorbitant price caused in large part by ESPN demanding a premium because of their live sports.

    So I want to know what everyone thinks (including Clay) about this latest chapter. Now, it turns out that millions of people, myself included, never stopped subscribing to ESPN, we just did it through a new, cheaper streaming service. But YouTubeTV is slowly (maybe not so slowly) discovering how cable and satellite providers succumbed to the pressure of ESPN as they now have a large subscription base and, guess who now holds all the cards?

    YouTubeTV has doubled its subscription fee over the years as it adds more programming, and it doesn’t offer optionality, so it’s one price fits all. I hate to see this happen, especially during playoff and bowl season, but this is a fascinating standoff, and I know in the end ESPN will be included (quickly) and my bill is about to go up.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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