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    Champ Crocker

    CNN and other media outlets are reporting Trump was booed by the crowd last Saturday for urging the COVID-19 vaccine at a rally in Cullman, Alabama. CNN’s own story is demonstrably false.

    First, CNN’s portrayal that the crowd rose up against Trump is just false. I was there. When Trump said get the vaccine there were a few light catcalls in the crowd of 45,000 people (which you can see and hear in CNN’s own story) but there was never a moment when Trump didn’t have control of the crowd. It’s hard to argue with Trump’s “fake news” narrative after having been there and seeing what happened vs what is being reported.

    CNN’s story about this portends to be from Cullman, Alabama. It wasn’t. I live in Cullman and I can tell you the graphic saying the reporter is in Cullman is also false. I don’t know where he was but that landscape in the video is not in Cullman. Hat-tip to Cullman Daily News for catching this. Here is a link to CNN’s story and Cullman Daily’s FB post showing this story isn’t true:



    Never watch cnn we all know who and what they are about by now just don’t watch or pay any attention

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