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    With the devastating tornados that ravished the mid-west, President Biden has blamed climate change. The time is now ripe for the Dems to strike while the iron is hot and further their climate change agenda, they should not let a tragedy go unexploited.

    The Biden administration needs to act now and announce a new Climate Change vaccine. What’s in it is not important, how much research and testing has been done is not important, what side effects that could be expected should not be allowed to be discussed in social media. This vaccine, while it will not give an iota of protection against climate change events, it will give a person a measure of government financial support if you are ever effected by a climate change event. If you are not vaccinated against climate change, you will not get any government aid if you are effected by floods, earthquakes, tornados, blizzards, hurricanes, forest fired, mud slides and the like.

    Any dissenting and non-state supported facts on social media will be met with termination of social media access. Any non-vaxxer not accepting this unproven vaccine will have many hurdles to their freedoms placed before them. Access to state and federal parks will be strictly forbidden to non-vaxxers. Non-vaxxers will pay a 500% gasoline tax at the pump. Federal employees will be mandated to get the new vaccine. Private sector businesses who employ non-vaxxed workers will be stiffly fined for each exception.

    When the next climate change event occurs, a new booster shot of the vaccine will be mandatory. Still giving exactly zero protection against being effected by climate change events, but if you want the benefits from the vaccine previously stated, you need to be current on this vaccine. It is every American’s responsibility to get this Climate Change vaccine for the good of our planet, our nation and the government’s ability to keep you dancing to their organ.

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