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    Eric Vorst

    Does anyone else think that our President could have been blackmailed by China re his disastrous Afghanistan pull out? With his family’s ties to China, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the CCP could have said “leave Afghanistan, in this haphazard and completely non-militarily sound manner, drop all your gear… (etc) … or else we will provide some reporter in (pick a legit country) the entire depth and breadth of the Biden Family’s involvement with China over the last 2 decades.”

    That would explain POTUS’ incredulous actions.

    My only other thought is also devious – creating chaos allowed planes full of not-fully-vetted Afghans to come here. And the CR budget just submitted yesterday to WH to Congress (must be passed to keep the Gov’t working) has 11 provisions aimed at Afghan refugee amnesty that the American public, through our Congress, will have literally ZERO debate on. This is unacceptable. The CR gives the DHS Secretary the ability to WAIVE ALL REASONS for not admitting an Afgan refugee. WHY? WHY? This includes “known terrorist ties” and “has a communicable disease” – are you kidding me?? Zero reason to allow DHS this type of power unless these refugees will be rubber-stamped (imho) for entry and allowed to be immediately on a path to citizenship.

    I’m all for the Afghans who helped the US Military for years be able to come here and get on a path to become US citizens. But even the Washington Post has reported that many of these refugees have kittle or no documentation. This is HORRIBLE PUBLIC POLICY that bypasses the normal debates required for such sweeping immigration actions. No surprise for this Administration who has shown (imho) little regard for the American workers.

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