Formula 1 Reportedly Reduces Watch Party Fees For Las Vegas Grand Prix

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Las Vegas clubs and restaurants hoping to host watch parties for the Las Vegas Grand Prix are going to have to pay.

However, it might not be as much as it initially seemed.

Last month, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that venues would be charged $1,500 a head based on maximum occupancy to host watch parties along the circuit, which includes portions of the Las Vegas Strip.

It was reported that not paying these fees made it more likely that grandstands or other pieces of race infrastructure might happen to block the sightlines from a venue.

However, a new report suggests that venues may still need to pay to host parties, just maybe not nearly as much.

The New York Post reports that the fee race officials charge venues has changed from $1,500 per person to a flat $50,000. That’s a big drop considering some clubs and restaurants would have looked at fees in the millions with the previous pricing model.

“This venue fee is much smarter,” a source told The Post. “It’s much more in line with what the Super Bowl will charge.” Super Bowl LVIII will be held at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium a few months after the Grand Prix.

Lower Fee Should Be Good For The Las Vegas Grand Prix Atmosphere

Of course, you can only watch the Super Bowl on TV. The Grand Prix will be going right past some of these venues. I always felt like that justified a higher fee. However, the number they wanted in Vegas the first time around was pretty wild.

For the sake of the fans, this is good news. It should help make the Las Vegas Grand Prix a race unlike any other on the calendar.

It’s going to be a night race with a weirdly late 10 pm local start time. That will allow fans to see the field racing under the lights of casinos and attractions. It is going to be insane.

I’m looking forward to it for sure. It seems like we’re going to get a cross between the Singapore Grand Prix with a dash of Monaco. That sounds awesome. I just wish that the race would mean something for the championship. Unfortunately, with how dominant Red Bull and Max Verstappen are this season, it won’t.

Oh well. It’ll still be a sight to behold.

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