Formula 1 Fans Get Into It After Someone Threw A Smoke Flare On Track

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If you’ve watched an F1 race over the last few seasons, you may have noticed that some fans love smoke flares.

Especially fans of Dutch driver Max Verstappen, who routinely bring orange smoke flares into the grandstands despite rules against it.

With the Dutch Grand Prix happening this weekend, everyone expected to see some flares like we did last year.

Sure enough, the flares were on hand but this time, they got way too close to the action when one was thrown onto the Zandvoort Circuit and caused a red flag during qualifying.

The Flare-Thrower Was On The Receiving End Of Swift Condemnation

It was a bone-headed move to toss a flare onto the track for a couple of reasons. First and foremost is the that it causes a dangerous situation for drivers as it obscures their vision. Secondly, the easily-avoidable red flag cost some teams and drivers what would have been otherwise solid qualifying laps and wasted fresh tires.

Cameras caught fans arguing in the grandstand where the flare came from.

Fans appear to give whoever threw a flare onto the track during Formula 1 qualifying a good ol’ fashioned Dutch tongue-lashing. (Photo by ANP via Getty Images)

Drivers were quick to call out how dumb this was, including Verstappen.

“It’s just very silly to do,” said Verstappen, who managed to secure pole position for Sunday’s Grand Prix. “To hold flares already, it’s nice, there’s a limit to how much.

“To throw it on the track is just stupid.”

I think most of us are with you there, Max. It was stupid.

We all know you’re not supposed to throw things onto the field/court/track.

Although, there are a lot of reasons to throw things on the ice at hockey games. Hats, octopi, catfishes, rubber rats, lawn flamingos.

Maybe the flare thrower should get into hockey.

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