Former Yankees Pitcher David Wells Covers Up Nike Logo On Yankees Jersey, Boldly Declares ‘I Hate Nike!’

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David Wells didn’t hold back his feelings about his disdain for Nike on Saturday after he covered up the swoosh symbol on his New York Yankees jersey during Old Timers Day.

“I hate Nike!” Wells boldly declared to reporters in the clubhouse before today’s festivities honoring the Yankees greats throughout the decades.

The never shy Wells who goes by the nickname “Boomer” delivered an absolute BOOM to the China-loving sports apparel company by simply not giving a you-know-what about how the jersey’s supposed to look while surrounded by Yankees greats for the annual ceremony.

Up with David Wells, down with LeBron James.

Immediately Wells began getting praise all across social media for covering up the Nike logo. Many Yankees fans have hated the fact that the organization has “sold out” in their eyes – whether it be with the Nike logo, or even earlier this year when they added a “Starr Insurance” patch to the pinstripe sleeve as part of a multi-million dollar agreement with the company.

Meanwhile others that realize Nike for what it is – a pandering company that turns a blind eye to the oppressed people working in not only their factories but all across communist China, gave Wells praise for speaking his mind.

When asked by reporters why he took white tape from the clubhouse and covered the Nike swoosh, Wells said what so many freedom-loving people think as well… “I hate Nike!”

Wells went on to say that he would even CUT THE LOGO OUT and play with a hole in the jersey because of what the company stands for and also the fact that he apparently hates that the logo has ruined the sanctity of the iconic jersey that he wore while throwing a perfect game and winning the 1998 World Series.


Wells not only went scorched-earth on Nike, but also on the babying of professional athletes these days.

“I’m a smack talker obviously,” Wells began before defending Yankees general manager Brian Cashman and manager Aaron Boone – who are both on the hot seat for a pitiful season with the Yankees in last place in the AL East.

“It’s the players! If I was a GM, I would send the message that if he’s in the stink hole send the son of gun to Triple-A or Double-A and give him a wake up call. They did it to me, they did it to us back in the day… Send a message and let him think about it. I think now they coddle the players too much, they baby them,” Wells continued.

I think Wells just became an OutKick favorite.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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