Former White House Doc Predicts Biden Will Be Forced To Resign

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Rep. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician-turned-congressman, says he’s “terrified for our country” after President Joe Biden’s town hall this week.

Jackson has doubts whether the commander in chief has the cognitive ability to make it through a full term, the New York Post reports.

“He’s completely LOST it!” Jackson (R-Tex.) tweeted Saturday, along with a video clip showing Biden bizarrely answered a reporter’s question about defunding the police by claiming that Republicans accuse him of “sucking the blood out of kids.”

“He’s completely LOST it!” Jackson tweeted. “Needs a cognitive exam NOW!”

In Biden’s erratic performance on CNN Wednesday night, he made false assertions about the efficacy of COVID vaccines, talked about helping children “find out whether there’s a man on the moon or whether those aliens are here or not” and confused the audience with references to obscure conspiracy theories, the Post reports.

“I mean, Qanon, the idea that the Democrats or that Biden is hiding people and sucking the blood of children and — no, I’m serious,” he said, drawing dubious looks from the crowd.

At one point in the town hall, the president rambled incoherently as he attempted to discuss the vaccine approval process, and earlier this month, Biden was forced to rely on notes to answer a reporter’s question at a Michigan pie shop.

“This is a national security issue at this point,” Jackson told Fox News host Sean Hannity Thursday.

“I think he’s either going to resign — they’re going to convince him to resign from office at some point in the near future for medical issues — or they’re going to have to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of this man,” Jackson said.

Last month Jackson, who served as the personal physician of both President Obama and President Trump, joined a dozen Republican House members in a letter calling on Biden to take a cognitive function test, the Post reports.

“The American people … deserve full transparency on the mental capabilities of their highest elected leader,” Jackson wrote.

“I’ve been saying that it’s only going to get worse,” Jackson said Thursday on Fox News. “And guess what? We’re watching that happen right before our eyes right now.”

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. LOL….Isn’t this the same guy who said ‘Donald Trump is the most fit President in U.S. History:”? I guess that explains the stories about his alcoholism ? Lord have mercy… Then they try and act like there aren’t a large percentage of MAGA that believes in QNON…. Really? So now QNON in Conservative circles is just a “confused the audience with references to obscure conspiracy theories, the Post reports” ? Really? So that’s what we’re doing now? You people are hilarious…… And you wonder why people think you are looney tunes #StopTheSteal??? LMBAO

    • Bahahahahah little sheep. Stop drinking the kool aid. Where are these stories about Trump and alcoholism you speak of. Mother Jones, Vox? Haha Trump doesn’t drink pretty sure he says he never has. Either way you need to move on bruh, Trump isn’t in the White House. You and your fraudulent excuse for a party made sure of that. When’s the last time you’ve seen a Q anon dude burning down a city or fighting with the cops, I’ll wait. Q anon is a super fringe group of about ten people that your pals at cnn and msnbc turned into the boogie man. If people were to believe your bullshit you’d think there’d be a Q anon guy around every corner. Fucking hilarious.

    • You don’t make any sense dumb ass. STFU and go away. QAnon is a complete shit show. I think like 1-2% of GOP members believe in their shit. Whereas, dumb asses like you think BLM and communism are the way to go. You really are dumb.

  2. They have a date picked.

    Politics is all about optics so it won’t be a formal resignation but rather —> after the 2022 midterms they will essentially have Biden disappear from any and all appearances in front of the media. He will do some useless photo ops with leaders of other countries but the nameless faceless team of radical Leftists will do the work from behind the scenes per usual.

    He will disappear to one of his 5 houses – probably go relax at his place in Rehobooth Beach, DE.

  3. The child blood transfusion market to battle aging is not a conspiracy theory or Qanon nonsense. They didn’t make it up. See for yourself. There are multiple companies investing in it in plain view. It’s not secret. At last I checked the Guardian isn’t exactly a bastion of alt right views, but that’s who published the below article. Uh yeah, some old rich elites do child blood transfusions, because there’s a growing market for it. The left will lie about anything and everything straight to your face without flinching, so when they get really defensive and start mocking accusations…we’re over the target.

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