Former UFC Fighter Phil Baroni Arrested, Accused of Killing Girlfriend In Mexico

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Ex-UFC fighter Phil Baroni, 46, was arrested in Mexico on New Year’s Day for allegedly killing his girlfriend, according to The Associated Press.

The two had been staying in a hotel room in San Francisco, Nayarit, also known as San Pancho, when they reportedly argued after she admitted to cheating on Baroni.

Authorities responding to the scene found the woman, identified as Paolo, lying on the hotel room bed unresponsive.

According to Baroni’s testimony, via the AP, the two got into an argument, and he advised her to get into the shower to relieve herself. Baroni was high on marijuana during the altercation. After the woman refused to get into the shower, he tossed her into the tub, causing her to hit her head, slip, then hit her head once again. Baroni then picked her up and transferred her to the bed, where the woman was dazed.

The MMA fighter then left to get her cigarettes and beer, allegedly at her request, before coming back and finding the woman unresponsive. He then alerted authorities and was detained by State Tourist Police.

The woman was found on the bed with a sheet covering her and multiple bruises on her body, including her face. She was also a Mexico City native.

Photos posted on Facebook by the Mexican publication, Observando En La Bahía, showed Baroni’s red knuckles at the time of the arrest.

Baroni remains in custody at the Juzgado Administrativo de Valle de Banderas with no word on whether he had legal representation.

The fighter, also known as the “New York Bad Ass,” was a UFC welterweight with a 15-18-0 record.

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