Former UFC Fighter Says OnlyFans Subscribers Are Spending Their Money To ‘Flirt With A Man’

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Claims that OnlyFans models outsource their sexting with their subscribers to a third party aren’t new. Back in 2021 an anonymous former content creator called it a common practice to hire others to handle the sexting part of the job.

She said, “Almost every creator that I know uses a management company.”

This is a violation of OnlyFans’ terms of service. The company does not allow content creators to hand out access to their accounts to others.

OnlyFans Sexting Outsourced Jake Shields
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Former UFC fighter Jake Shields revealed on Twitter this week that he knows somebody who runs an OnlyFans agency. According to Shields, men are hired to flirt with subscribers.

“I know a guy who runs an OnlyFans agency. He hires guys to send out messages pretending to be the girls,” Shields tweeted. “If you’re subscribed to OnlyFans your likely spending money to flirt with a man.”

He followed up the initial tweet with one making it clear that women were making the content, just not handling the sexting. He tweeted, “He has real girls but they have men do most of the texting. Just use the girls when they need photos and videos.”

The claims by the former mixed martial artist received a lot of attention. Some of that attention came from OnlyFans models, who either don’t use third parties or don’t want people to know that they do.

Shields, who said he watched firsthand how the agency was run, sarcastically responded to all of the denial. He said, “All the OnlyFans girls are assuring me this isn’t true so my mistake. Keep paying and texting your online “girlfriend.”

Who Subscribes To OnlyFans For The Sexting?

On Friday Shields added, “If you’re a man and pay for porn or OnlyFans you might want to reconsider your life choices.”

Look a lot of people are subscribing and paying for OnlyFans. If they weren’t the exclusive content game wouldn’t be so hot right now.

I don’t get it. But I’m going to knock anyone who’s into it.

That said, isn’t subscribing to an OnlyFans page for sexting sort of like buying a Playboy magazine back in the day for the articles?

Written by Sean Joseph

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