Former UFC Champion Thinks Simone Biles Needs Some ‘Tough Love’

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The sun didn’t suddenly set in Tokyo. That’s just another world-class athlete throwing shade at Olympian Simone Biles. Former UFC bantamweight and flyweight champion Henry Cejudo is the latest to criticize the gymnast. Having previously won gold himself (2008 Olympics), Cejudo is of the opinion that Biles could use a “kick in the arse.”

Cejudo’s of the opinion that “tough love” could benefit Biles after she withdrew from competition: “I believe Simone Biles pulling out of this thing is like, I think she really needs to check herself. I think there’s time for a little bit of tough love. ​​If she was my sister, this is exactly what I would do,” said Cejudo. “So, I would never say something that I wouldn’t do to my personal family or anything like that. Or even for me, because I do believe sometimes we do need a nice kick in the arse.”

Having taken home a gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the Beijing Olympics, Cejudo knows about performing under pressure on the world’s biggest stage: “People say the media created her and you know they put upon this pressure. Not really. They only give you a platform, a limelight. It’s up to you to believe it and to accept it. If you start to think you’re the GOAT and the greatest of all time, then that’s on you,” he said.

“There’s two things that pressure can do. Pressure could either break, or it could make diamonds. Pressure could either bust pipes or it can create and make diamonds. You choose what to do for it, or what to do with it, remember that,” Cejudo added.

A winner in 16 of 18 career MMA fights, Cejudo made clear that he’s rooting for a Biles comeback: “Remember that there’s a reason why you are an Olympic champion. There’s nothing new,” he said. “It’s all in you, you’re going against you, and I hope you can come back from that.”



Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I’m not sure trying harder and sucking up will fix the problem Biles has now explained she has. That won’t fix this twistie thing – not being able to sense where you are in mid air on flips. You can get killed if you mess up, so if something is off she would know. I don’t think she’s ducking out because she’s scared or a quitter. This is a legit problem she can’t compete with until it’s fixed. I’d be the first to call her out if she’s doing to Osaka “ I need a mental health day” BS. This doesn’t seem to be that.

  2. The reason many people are put off by the Biles quitting fiasco is more about the Leftist reaction -celebrating quitting. “We must celebrate quitting.” Nope. You failed, your body failed, whatever. Learn from your failure and improve, get better, get treated, whatever, but acknowledge what it is… quitting is failure, period, full stop. don’t celebrate your failure with the alternate reality in Leftist land where men can get pregnant.

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