Former Steeler Ryan Clark: ‘Russell Wilson Isn’t That Great’

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Nine Pro Bowls, a Super Bowl championship and more than 37,000 passing yards have led many to believe Russell Wilson is an all-time great NFL QB. But ESPN’s Ryan Clark is of the opinion that, despite the numbers, Wilson is just good, not great.

“Russell Wilson is a very good football player,” Clark said on ESPN’s Get Up. “Russell Wilson is a really good quarterback. Russell Wilson’s not a great quarterback. Russell Wilson is not an all-time great quarterback. He’s never going to be in those conversations.”

Whew. Wilson hasn’t been sacked that hard in years.

Clark, who played 13 seasons in the NFL, didn’t let up. He continued to pile on Wilson.

“We have to stop including Russell Wilson in these talks that, ‘If Russell Wilson goes here, does this team win a Super Bowl?’ ‘If Russell Wilson goes here, does this team win a Super Bowl?’” Clark said.

“This isn’t basketball. And frankly, Russell Wilson isn’t that great.”

Hoops or not, Clark seemed to enjoy the opportunity to dunk on Seattle’s longtime signal caller.

“He isn’t that much of a factor that changes who football teams are,” insisted Clark.

Clark may be right, but Wilson’s $140 million contract and the continued interest shown to him by opposing teams would say otherwise.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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