Former Sooner Volleyball Player Suing For Exclusion From Team Over Conservative Views

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A former University of Oklahoma volleyball player is suing her former coaches and school for excluding her from the team because of her political views.

Kylee McLaughlin alleges that she was labeled a racist and “frozen out” from the rest of the team because she’s a Republican, per a report from The Oklahoman. It resulted in her being forced to take a redshirt year this past season, which then led her to transfer to the University of Mississippi to complete her career as a student-athlete.

Per Fox News: “In the court documents, McLaughlin said that the team was forced to watch the 2016 documentary ’13th’ which is about the incarceration of Black people in the United States. The lawsuit states that a team discussion in June of 2020 ‘took some shots’ at former President Donald Trump and ‘compared it with beatings of Blacks in the 1960s.’

“The following day, McLaughlin responded to social media news surrounding the discussion over the University of Texas and people advocating to replace ‘The Eyes of Texas’ school spirit song. She responded with laughing emojis and McLaughlin said that she didn’t think the song was racist. Texas and Oklahoma volleyball players responded to her on the social media post and Gray-Walton forced her to delete the post and apologize to Texas women’s volleyball coaches and players, the lawsuit stated.

“McLaughlin’s teammates and coaches felt that she was racist and homophobic, according to the lawsuit.”

According to the lawsuit, McLaughlin was given three options by the Oklahoma coaches: She could transfer, she could take a redshirt year and practice separately from the rest of the team, or she could remain on scholarship as strictly a student, but not an athlete.

“Although (McLaughlin) supports equality, social justice, and finds racism despicable, she disagreed with the WOKE culture and critical race theory advocated and practiced by two of her coaches who are the Defendants in this action,” the lawsuit stated.

In the lawsuit, McLaughlin said her coaches were guilty of “intentionally inflicting emotional distress by alleging that she was a racist and homophobe,” and violating her freedom of speech.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. This shouldn’t be surprising. The simplest, most pedestrian political viewpoints are now being termed racist.

    More people need to file and win these lawsuits to stop this woke craziness. I just had a comment of mine blocked from Yahoo! because I was sarcastic about Facebook blocking the virus origin “conspiracies”.

    So, I can’t even point out, in a mildly sarcastic fashion, that Facebook is hypocritical?? But classes can be run where they can outright call middle-aged white men, as a generalization, racist??

    Warning to you woke types: if everything is racist then nothing is racist. The word is beginning to lose its meaning.

    Another point is that intentions really do matter. Back when I was young the verbiage had changed from using the term “colored” to “black”. No problem.

    Then I would hear my grandparents continue to use the term “colored” (by the way, check out what NAACP stands for) and I would reflexively cringe a bit. However, I knew that they weren’t racist and meant the best for *everyone* so it was OK even though it sounded awkward. We rarely ever talked about race and never judged people based on anything they couldn’t control. I guess that is “racist” now. Whatever. F off if that is what you think.

  2. Yes, I hope this girl kicks their asses with this lawsuit. What a bunch of a$$holes — making her redshirt the year and practice SEPARATED from the rest of the team??? WTF is our society coming to?

    More and more so each and every day, when I stop and think about it, the people who have power politically and culturally right now, scare the literal sh*t out of me. I want NO part of people, generally speaking.

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