Former Saints QB Drew Brees Shares What He Misses About The NFL

No one in the NFL misses their former QB like the New Orleans Saints miss Drew Brees. The quarterback’s legacy is cemented as one of the greats, but the stability he provided the Saints for 15 seasons was always a long time away from arriving in New Orleans.

Brees was interviewed by PopCulture, and asked about what he misses about playing elite-caliber football in the NFL. The retired-QB-turned-commentator reminisced on clutch performances and team dynamics that enriched the experience.

“There’s elements I miss about playing,” Brees told the media outlet. “I miss the locker room, I miss the preparation, I miss game day, I miss the exciting wins and the two-minute drives and some of that stuff.” 

Former Buccaneers starter Jameis Winston had a solid run filling in for Brees this season, until an ACL injury derailed the storyline. After Week 8’s injury, some eyes shifted to Brees, praying he’d leer the Saints’ way for a comeback.

Per the report, Brees had to walk back a tweet earlier this week that teased a potential comeback, saying “Have you heard who is showing up again to the Big Game?”

As fans held their breath and offered their own money to bring Brees out of retirement, the quarterback clarified the speculation, sounding content with his post-football career.

Instead of focusing on the quarterback carousel facing the Saints in the final eight weeks of regular season, Brees spoke highly of Winston’s progress this year. Brees was optimistic of Winston’s future with the Saints after a full recovery.

“And obviously hated to see him have that injury, especially I know how hard he’s worked to prepare himself to go play and lead that team. And he was doing such a great job, so yeah, I just feel for him.”

The post-Brees experience, now relying on a tandem of Taysom Hill and Trevor Siemian, should be an interesting project for head coach Sean Payton.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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