Former Saints Captain Junior Galette Sure Is Mad About Tim Tebow

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Tim Tebow, who is expected to secure a one-year contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end, which figures to amount to a training camp tryout, sure has caused an eruption of emotions across the NFL world. One of those guys losing his mind is former linebacker and Saints team captain Junior Galette, who is furious that the Jags, a team with one of the least engaged fan bases, would do such a thing.

Galette, who was last seen being tased and arrested in a police video published by TMZ in 2017, played 16 games that season and was then given an “objectively-insulting offer of a two-year, $4 million contract with only $500,000 guaranteed as a signing bonus.” Galette went on to claim that a “white man from Stanford,” Trent Murphy, was offered a better deal than him and claimed discrimination. Galette hasn’t been in the NFL since, and now he’s turned his attention to bashing Tebow for getting a training camp tryout and anyone who defends the guy.

That includes Tebow’s former college teammate Brandon Spikes, who was met with this insult from Galette:

Galette and those on his side claim that Tebow doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near a training camp because he has been out of the league for eight years, he offers nothing to the NFL, and there are guys out there who deserve the spot Tebow will be taking up in camp.

Let’s face the facts here. Guys like Galette who are out of the league want back in the league to make cash. Dez Bryant wants that cash. Junior Galette wants that cash. They’ve held that cash in their hands, and now they see Tebow getting a chance to hold that cash — but in reality, it’s a training camp ploy — and it burns inside that they’re not getting that chance.

The facts are that Junior got more chances after his stint with the Redskins. The Browns and Colts kicked the tires in 2018, but those teams made the call that a guy who went through two Achilles injuries didn’t have enough left in the tank. Galette is burning inside with jealousy that Tebow will get that taste of camp one more time to fight for a roster spot. He so badly wants to be that guy getting the shot, and yet here he is watching a white guy eight years removed from his last stint in the NFL getting to relive that dream.

What’s sad here is that Galette and the Dez Bryants of the world can’t see that this move is clearly about marketing. This is using a training camp spot to drum up interest. Tebow was a marketing ploy for the Mets, and he’ll do the same for the Jags. That’s his brand.

The sooner Galette and Dez see that, the quicker that anger will leave their bodies. But, because they need a white guy to be mad at, Tebow will fill that void until they move on to their next target.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

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    • Please look up Night to Shine if you get a chance. Tim Tebow is a real hero, not a fake virtue signaling activist. Mr.Tebow supplied my brother with a tuxedo and an amazing night of fun with friends, all at no cost for all attending. Also there is a positive and personal message for all the attendees, above and beyond is how Mr.Tebow lives.

      Those angry fools commenting about Tebow, could only be so fortunate to actually have meaning in their lives and direction to use it to help others(beyond fake donations to fake charities, which are only for tax purposes and those mandated by the league/their team). Maybe the positive lifestyle that works for Tebow can work for them, they just have to give up the fake victim status and entitlement.

      Instead of jealously moaning about others; possibly working hard and living the right way, helping others selflessly, leads to more opportunities. Maybe Kap and these other clowns can learn a thing or two, or even a few thousand things from Mr.Tebow; to even have a hope at catching up and living a peaceful happy life.

  1. I loathe sounding like a hippy, but as a society we have to make a stand against all hate. This new acceptable (required even) hate of certain people leads to a very dark place.

    How do the ones adopting this corrupt philosophy not understand that they are the modern incarnation of the ones they claim to dislike so much?

  2. This is comedy central on steroids. A big white guy cop, out runs a former NFL linebacker. The cops asks him “why is he running”–“cuz ur chasin’ me”. That bit of genius in itself is worth some kind of reward. Big white “one”, out of shape dumb jock black guy “zero”. Tim Tebow is getting a shot because because he is in shape and not stupid. It is only a chance not a guarantee. It just goes to prove all black guys are not good athletes, although some get a shot in the NFL because of black privilege. All Heisman trophy winners at the QB position are not NFL QB’s. How about just telling the NFL and the pampered millionaire, whether they are white or black, to go Fandango themselves.

  3. It’s a publicity stunt. Nothing more nothing less. He’ll be around long enough to sale a few Jerseys and be cut before week 1. I mean the guy in his early 20’s wasn’t willing to put in work to become a NFL QB. You really think in his mid 30’s he’s willing to learn an entire different position?

  4. The jealous racists are spewing the hate at Tebow, as usual. If Erb wanted to sign anyone, its his business. Ploy or not, Tebow is as popular as ever, especially in that area. No one is entitled to a roster spot. If he gets one, good for him.
    I guess if he was a murderer, rapist or all around criminal like about half the NFL, they would love him.

  5. This is brilliant by the Jaguars. Tebow is a media shield. You throw a couple of gimmick plays and he is worth the roster spot. The real value is if he drops a ball, and Lawrence goes 10 of 40 no touchdowns and 3 picks, all the media will be screaming their venom over Tebow dropping a ball, and gloss over Lawrence. That alone is worth a contract.

  6. Just another racist black dude. Meh move along nothing to see here. It always comes down to race and calling another black person an uncle tom or coon for siding with a white dude. Ask anyone in the military if they care about the color of the skin of the soldier next to them. Dumb ass racist. Fuck you Junior Gallette.

  7. The problem these guys have is that people like Tebow are actually liked because of the genuiness about their lives. Tebow doesn’t need an No Fun League deal because of the money. He’s doing just fine with millions in the bank, numerous products in the marketplace, a thriving ministry, and, what probably makes them even crazier, he’s married to a former Miss World.

    Guys like Galette have shown themselves to be what they are, violent, irresponsible pukes.

  8. Fuck the haters. Doesn’t matter if he makes or doesn’t make the roster they’ll claim he either wasn’t wasn’t good enough all along and they were right, or Urban is playing favorites. Shut the fuck up, it makes no difference in your life. The only thing people are more tired of than Tebow is Tebow haters. If someone is good enough to make the roster over him they will. That BULLSHIT argument didn’t work when he was with the Mets and it doesn’t work now. He didn’t make an MLB spot over anybody and if he did he’d have earned it. Period. Same here.

  9. Tebow is what the NFL needs. Genuinely good person. Nothing fake about him and a tremendous role model, if there still is such a thing. Galette is a racist, hates whites. Fuck that ignorant turd. And fuck Eric Dickerson, too.

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