Former NFL QB Tim Couch Is Jacked, Now Resembles Bodybuilder

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Throwback Thursday (if that’s still a thing) isn’t until tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait another day to talk about ex-NFL QB Tim Couch.

Formerly the top pick of the Cleveland Browns (1999), Couch hasn’t played a snap since the 2007 preseason. He’s apparently been spending his time away from the field in a gym. And from the looks of it, he’s likely sleeping there and occasionally snacking on 45-pound plates when hungry.

Dude is Jacked.

Couch was seemingly always in good shape and resembled 90% of the league’s other signal callers.

Now he looks a lot like Seattle Seahawks monster receiver DK Metcalf.

Tim Couch Played 62 Career Games

Despite what the tweet from Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio says, Couch is actually only 45-years-old.

As somebody who painfully watched all 59 of Couch’s Cleveland Browns starts (I’m sick, I know), I’m left to wonder how much his post-playing career muscle would’ve benefited him when he was wearing orange and brown. Unlike most Cleveland Browns quarterbacks (or players in general), Couch didn’t suck.

In fact, Couch was really good. He often had little talent around him and as a rookie was sacked 56 times – an NFL record at the time.

He never had a chance.

Couch finished his Browns career with 64 touchdowns, 67 interceptions and 11,131 passing yards. Despite offseason stints with Green Bay and Jacksonville, Tim Couch never attempted a regular season pass for a team other than Cleveland.

Tim Couch looks a lot different now than he did when was playing quarterback for the Cleveland Browns: Scott Halleran /Allsport.

Should’ve Seen A Career In Bodybuilding Coming

The former Kentucky Wildcat and 1998 SEC Player of the Year was suspended for six games in 2007 even though he was a free agent. Couch was popped for steroid use, though he’s since denied taking the performance enhancing drugs.

Maybe he was (allegedly) getting an early start on his post-NFL career as a pseudo-bodybuilder?

Either way, he appears to be keeping himself busy in football retirement. Over the past several years Couch has worked at various times as an analyst for Kentucky football games on both radio and tv. He’s held similar positions for Browns preseason games.

When not on air or in the gym, he’s often with girlfriend Hannah Green.

And even though he’s at the forefront of the infamous Cleveland Browns list of quarterbacks jersey, it’s all but confirmed that life doesn’t suck for Tim Couch.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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