Former NFL Player’s Family Sues Funeral Home For ‘Mishandling’ Of Remains

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The family of former NFL player Glenn Foster Jr. has sued a New Orleans funeral home for both mishandling and wrongfully destroying his remains, according to a new lawsuit. Foster, who played for the New Orleans Saints from 2013-14, died last year while in police custody in Alabama.

The lawsuit against the funeral home was filed on behalf of Foster’s widow, Anny Pamela Foster, and claims it “failed to properly embalm and care for the remains” of her husband. The suit also alleges that his brain was destroyed without consent or authorization.

“Mrs. Foster and her family have experienced so much tragedy already, and the mishandling of her beloved husband’s remains and destruction of his brain add insult to injury,” attorney Ken Abbarno said in a press release Thursday.

“We are filing a lawsuit against Garden of Memories funeral home for failing to preserve Glenn Foster Jr.’s postmortem body following his death a year ago — destroying his family’s opportunity for answers!” attorney Ben Crump added on Twitter. “Foster’s family deserves to know the TRUTH about how he died!” 

Former NFL Player's Family Sues Funeral Home For Mishandling Remains
Glenn Foster Jr. was 31-years-old when he passed away. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Foster was pronounced dead on December 6, 2021, two days after being taken into custody after police said he was driving at nearly twice the speed limit and attempted to speed past law enforcement.

His bond was placed on hold on December 5 after he allegedly beat another prison to the point they needed medical attention.

Foster appeared in court where a judge ordered him to have a mental evaluation. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the medical facility.

Foster’s initial autopsy report shows he died of Hypertensive Cardiovascular disease, listed as natural causes, according to WGNO, while an independent autopsy done by the family revealed signs of strangulation.

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