Former NBA Player-Turned Coach Labels Kyrie Irving ‘Most Skilled’ PG Ever

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Trail Blazers coach Chauncey Billups is convinced that Nets floor general Kyrie Irving is the most skilled point guard he’s ever seen.

And Billups would know. He spent 17 seasons as a point guard in the NBA, winning Finals MVP with the Detroit Pistons in 2004 and earning five All-Star appearances. But even his own high level of skill pales in comparison to what Irving does on the hardwood.

“Kyrie is just, he’s a wizard, man,” Billups told ESPN’s Nick Friedell on Monday.

Because of New York City’s vaccine mandate, Irving’s played in just two games this season, both within the last five days. He’s scored 22 points in each game and shot 47% from the floor. Those two appearances and his career full of highlights is enough to convince Billups that Irving is in a class by himself.

“He’s must-see TV. I personally think, as somebody that played the position, I think Kyrie’s the most skilled player that’s ever played that position,” said Billups to Nick Friedell. “Just straight skill. Nothing else. Just straight skill. I think he’s the best that I’ve ever seen at the position, skill-wise. So, obviously, he gives you a ton when he’s playing.”

For context, Billups played with such notable point guards as Chris Paul and Nick Van Exel. He defended Allen Iverson and Jason Kidd, and currently coaches future Hall of Famer Damian Lillard. Yet none of those floor generals have impressed Billups as much as Irving.

“His shot-making is incredible. He’s a better passer than people give him credit for,” Billups told Friedell. “He’s obviously a willing teammate. He’s not just all about Kyrie. He passes the ball. He’s a champion.”

Big props from Mr. Big Shot.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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