Former NBA All-Star Turning To Boxing, Frank Gore Is A Possible Opponent

More undercard fights are getting over their heads with scheduling celebrity boxing matches.

This time, however, rather than the conventional bi-coastal meme star facing off against a professional boxer, the proposed bout will feature two athletes that enjoyed solid careers in their respective leagues. Which at least includes the element of physicality this time around.

Per the New York Post, former Utah Jazz guard Deron Williams and retired 49ers running back Frank Gore may be the next Paul brothers-produced fight, expected as soon as December 2021.

Williams was a three-time NBA All-Star and a nucleus for the Jazz offense, leading up to the 2010s. Gore finished his run in the NFL third all-time in rushing yards (16,000) among running backs.

The 37-year-old point guard is considering potential names to face off against at the Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul event (Dec. 18). In the mix is the 38-year-old Gore, whose notoriety on the web with wanting to enter the amateur boxing circuit stirred some hype for this matchup.

Gore posted a training session on Instagram worth giving Williams second thoughts on entering the canvas against a bruising former running back.

A sparse group of NFL fans had hoped that Gore would see the NFL field again this season, as injuries continually sideline running backs. Then again, his prospects as a fighter have appeared decent.

Per OutKick’s Meg Turner, tickets for the Fury vs. Paul fight will be available starting Nov. 10.

Note: Should the two not come to an agreement, a petition should start to find Brandon Jacobs and give him a fight against Gore.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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