Former MLB pitcher Jokes About Wife Sara Walsh And Tom Brady

Toronto Blue Jays bullpen coach and former Diamondbacks pitcher Matt Buschmann made his way into MLB history (or at least deserving of a Jeopardy question) when he caught New York Yankee Aaron Judge’s 61st home run last season.

Despite the hefty price tags attached to Judge’s historic homers, Buschmann gave the ball back for the Yankees to keep.

Turns out, Buschmann regrets not cashing in on the ball; especially after watching his wife on television interviewing Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

The wife guy was envious of his wife, and Buccaneers reporter for the NFL Network Sara Walsh, after tagging along with the Bucs for their Week 10 Munich trip to face the Seattle Seahawks.

As Brady enters his bachelor life, he’s more than capable of swooping in to steal your girl.

Brady’s Too Much of a Catch

Buschmann tweeted that he should’ve cashed in on the small fortune with the Judge ball to keep TB12 from stealing his girl.

“Maybe I should’ve hung onto that HR ball,” Buschmann tweeted, with a picture of an awe-struck Walsh and beaming Brady — coming off the 21-16 win.

After Buschmann returned the 61st HR to NY on Sept. 28, Walsh tweeted her disappointment over the missed jackpot and joked she was filing for a divorce.

The pricing for Judge’s memorabilia is breaking records and is even too rich for the AL MVP’s blood.

“Oh cool. He just handed that back without checking to see if our house is still here? I’d next like to announce our divorce,” Walsh tweeted.

Brady may be elite and still looking like he’s in his early 30s, but Buschmann may be overlooking Brady’s financial troubles after getting involved in the FTX scam, along with the requisite fees of his recent divorce from supermodel Gisele Bündchen.


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