Former Marshall Volleyball Player Kayla Simmons, Skip Reacts To Dak Contract & CPG’s 6-Disk Changer Is Stolen

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Now we’ll get the debate shows crushing Dak for his huge contract when the Cowboys lose

What a day for Cowboys fans around the world. Your franchise quarterback has a new contract, which includes $126 million guaranteed, and the team officially has stability at the position. Jerry must feel like Dak’s compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle is recovering just fine and that he’ll be ready to earn the $75 million that’s been earmarked for year one of the deal. That’s right $75 million!!

What’s it all mean for the content business? If you thought the Dallas Cowboys quarterback position was good for pageviews before last night, you haven’t seen anything until you see what talk radio, print, TV, podcasts, etc., etc. will pump out when the ‘Boys lose a game. You’re talking about a guy who’s about to make $75 million in 2021.

I’m not going to count, but I can guarantee you Screamin’ A. and Skip are about to go on a Ripken-esque streak with segments dedicated to Dak. It’s going to be day after day after day at this price point.

The headline this morning on the Dallas Morning News website reads: “The Cowboys just took a massive hit from Dak Prescott. Now, it’s up to them to recover, put together a roster”

ESPN: “With contract in hand, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott must deliver”

Good luck, Dak. It’s probably best to not open apps, watch ESPN or turn on sports talk radio.

• Who’s next in line to get a massive new contract out of an NFL owner? Lamar Jackson has one year left on a contract that will have paid him a total of $9.4 million. Say hello to a guy who just made a fortune after Dak’s new deal. Step on up, Lamar.

• Chipotle is introducing quesadillas to its menu…if you order online. Why online only? According to CNBC, “Quesadillas need time for the cheese to melt and the tortilla to turn golden.” Adjust your lunch schedule accordingly.

• And finally this morning, congratulations to former Titans 1st rounder Isaiah Wilson who now calls Miami home and can make it rain on strippers while maintaining a work-life balance. This is what dreams are made of.

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  1. Skips an idiot, but a rich one. I believe there are teams who pay far less for a Pro Bowl player. (Message to Skip: I think the goal is the Super Bowl, not the Pro Bowl.)

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