Former Eagle Ended Up Pantless In Walmart After Hurricane

Former Eagles receiver “Fast” Freddie Mitchell recently went viral for shopping in a Wal-Mart without pants after his house was flooded during Hurricane Ida.

“The local fire department over there actually came, banged on my window and literally it was three stories up banging on my window with a rescue boat saying you need to get out,” Mitchell said. “You need to evacuate ASAP. It was the most craziest I ever experience … My house being flooded. It was crazy.”

Mind you, Mitchell still lives in Pennsylvania, not near the Gulf of Mexico where the hurricane originated. That a multi-story house in PA could still be subjected to flooding from a hurricane just goes to show how powerful Ida remained last week as she tore through the eastern seaboard.

The rescue happened so quickly that Mitchell wasn’t able to even put pants on, so the rescuers took him shopping afterwards.

“I was literally that character in Walmart,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell then took a trip to a local Walmart.

Mitchell, 42, spent four seasons with the Eagles from 2001-04. He caught five touchdowns in 63 career games.

Images via Instagram.

Written by TK Sanders

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