Former Chief Claims Joe Burrow In For ‘Rude Awakening’ At Arrowhead

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The Bengals and Chiefs will square off in the AFC Championship Game this Sunday, and now a former Kansas City player known for his leg has used his mouth to warn Cincinnati phenom Joe Burrow.

“He is in for a rude awakening,” Lawrence Tynes, who spent a decade kicking in the league, said of Burrow’s pending visit to Arrowhead Stadium.

You know the stakes are high when a kicker starts talking smack.

Tynes’ pregame warning came in response to a comment Burrow made earlier this season about crowd noise, a comment which resurfaced again earlier this week.

“It gets way louder in the SEC than in any of these NFL stadiums,” said Burrow, per NBC Sports.

Oh, Joe.

Rather than punt away the chance to respond, Tynes opted to stay on offense and give the Bengals QB something to think about.

“To be fair, Joe has never played at Arrowhead. Having said that, he is in for a rude awakening,” tweeted Tynes, who spent approximately five seasons with the Chiefs.

“There is no place louder in sports and it’s not up for debate,” added Tynes.

And there it is — quite possibly the first recorded instance of pregame kicker intimidation in the history of the league.

Tynes may have inadvertently put his foot in his mouth though. See, Burrow’s no stranger to commotion. In fact, he’s often the driving force behind it. Last weekend he told the media, โ€œWeโ€™re a really, really good team. Weโ€™re here to make noise. Teams are gonna have to pay attention to us.”

We hear you loud and clear, Joe. For now, at least.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. That quote from Burrow was from 3 months ago. Yeah, there are a handful of really loud NFL stadiums, but not as many as the SEC. The NFL has 4 stadiums that seat 80,000. The SEC has 8. He played at one of the loudest stadiums on earth for years at LSU, played in multiple hostile environments every week on the road in the SEC. Heโ€™s going to be fine with the crowd noise.
    Iโ€™d say KC fans better worry more about someone covering Chase and Higgins, after they let the Billsโ€™ third WR break playoff records for receiving. It will be worse this week against this offense. The Bengals completely torched them even WITH Matthieu a few weeks ago. Chase is a gigantic problem they donโ€™t have an answer for. This will be a game.

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