Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Got Drunk And Sad When Trump Won

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The Bachelorette franchise, ABC’s crown jewel of debauchery and clout chasing, keeps one-upping itself as the most ridiculously dysfunctional show in reality TV history. Seemingly every year, some new gossip or scandal surfaces and threatens to expose the tooth picks and gum holding the whole thing together.

It’s a badly-kept industry secret that Bachelor productions are some of the most intense, invasive, overwrought sets in the business. I’ve heard firsthand that the application process is akin to gaining nuclear clearance (psyche tests, ruthless interviews, etc.), and if you’re “lucky” enough to make the cut, you join a show that literally thrives off of emotional turmoil. The producers know that the final product depends on drama, so you can imagine the lengths they’ll go to guarantee that cast members have strong opinions about one another. NDAs and non-disparagement agreements keep most of the gossip in-house, and even I don’t want to attract their lawyer’s wrath, so I’ll leave you with this: if you think anything about reality television is real, then you should reconsider.

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I say all of this to underscore just how far from reality the show and its participants must exist to put on a good performance. These are not people to be taken seriously, which makes one former contestant’s recent turn from America’s sweetheart to bedazzled activist all the more unsurprising (and hilarious). But in an ironic twist of fate, the same brand of crazy that has made ABC millions of dollars over the last two decades has all of a sudden started a fire that may burn down the entire thing.

Rachel Lindsay, who starred in two seasons of the show as well as a viral Cadillac ad in which she compared owning a luxury car to uplifting black voices, recently penned an op-ed for New York Magazine detailing her time with the franchise. In what’s become commonplace in our society, Lindsay spends most of the piece railing against a situation that she herself chose (twice), perceptions of people she’s never met, and a country that she seems to hate–even though it gave her the freedom to rise to fame and fortune.

“I stayed up all night and watched [Donald] Trump win. I ended up getting drunk on the date because I was so upset,” she said.

She went on to say: “I knew the audience was going to look at me as an angry Black female. I never raised my voice because I was aware of what was going on.”

And she also added to producers: “You do not understand what it is to be a Black woman in this house full of white folks and for a white woman to cry in your face and call you a bully.”

The op-ed comes on the heels of Lindsay’s notorious interview with longtime host and bagman Chris Harrison, who was sacrificed on the altar of wokeness after he had the gall to defend a contestant for attending an antebellum-themed fraternity party. At this point, though, we all know that wokeness loves to cannibalize itself. If you haven’t done something to piss of a leftist, just wait five minutes.

And that’s exactly what is happening here. Lindsay is a product of a celebrity culture that was intentionally created to be dysfunctional, and therefore, profitable. In many cases, activism is no different: its current iteration aims to disrupt, destroy, and cash in. At least with Bachelor productions, it would just destroy leftist fodder propagated by a hypocritical, leftist industry.

So maybe we should thank Lindsay for her disconnection from reality. Her left-wing activist mentality might finally rid us of one of society’s longest-running insane asylums. Wouldn’t that be a funny twist of fate.

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Written by TK Sanders


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