Mesmerizing Timelapse Shows Ford Field Transform From Carnival To Football After Bills/Browns Moved From Buffalo To Detroit

Ford Field underwent a very quick, unexpected transformation earlier this week. The home of the Lions was supposed to be free and clear of football, considering that Detroit was playing in New Jersey, but weather had other plans.

Because of an unprecedented, 77-inch snowstorm in upstate New York that rolled in on Thursday and lingered until early Saturday morning, the Bills were snowed-in. Although the playing surface itself may have been cleared in time to play on Sunday, the logistics of holding a game at Highmark Field as planned were a nightmare.

In turn, the team and the NFL agreed to pack things up and move the game west to Michigan. Buffalo met Cleveland in Detroit after Bills Mafia stepped up to help get their team out of the snow and onto the plane.

However, over in the Motor City, the field was nowhere near game ready. Rather, an indoor carnival was set up inside Ford Field. It was for fundraiser called the ‘Hob Nobble Gobble’ that was part of a larger Thanksgiving celebration presented by Ford Motor Company.

The event, which ran from 6:30-10:30pm ET on Friday, featured “a special guest entertainer, a fabulous carnival midway; delicious cuisine; and live entertainment from end zone to end zone for kids and adults alike.” It looked like fun, but obviously, the field needed an overhaul.

The Bills and Browns were on the way with football needing to be played on Sunday afternoon.

The Ford Field carnival had to go.

As soon as the event ended and the final stragglers exited Ford Field, the transformation began. Out went the rides, in came the turf.

Scott Hanson shared a timelapse of the process on NFL RedZone and it is completely captivating.

It is easy to forget how much goes into the back-end side of sports, but little things like Ford Field’s overnight transformation serve as a great reminder of the entire production.

Written by Grayson Weir

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