Forced ‘Cuddling’ Sexual Assault Allegations Lead To Volleyball Coach’s Dismissal

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A Purdue-Fort Wayne assistant volleyball coach is out after a total of eight of her former players stepped forward with allegations of sexual assault and physical and emotional abuse that stems from Alexis Meeks-Rydell’s time as the volleyball head coach at the University of South Alabama.

In February, Meeks-Rydell announced her resignation from South Alabama, and in June she was hired at Purdue-Fort Wayne. In August, the married mother was slapped with a federal lawsuit filed by two former players who allege their coach engaged in “a pattern and practice of blatant sexual harassment and sexual and other physical and emotional assault.”

On Friday, that lawsuit was amended to include six more South Alabama players who claim the same, according to the Indy Star.

And with that, Meeks-Rydell was removed from her Purdue-Fort Wayne job.

Alexis Meeks-Rydell faces sexual assault and abuse allegations from eight former players

The allegations against the coach include:

• Forced “cuddling” in hotel room beds on road trips

• Allegedly told a player to lay in bed with her under the blankets and then told the player to “use her [MeeksRydell’s] boobs as a pillow”

• During forced hugs with one defendant, Meeks-Rydell allegedly would kiss her player on the forehead and cheek

• Pinching butts as the players exited the team bus

• Slapped a defendant in the face

• Forced one of her players to dog sit

• “Floor hugs” where Meeks-Rydell allegedly had South Alabama players lay on the ground and then she would lay on top of the player

• Forced players to hug her and “tell her that they loved her”

• “Overtraining and coercing players to continue to practice or play while injured”

• Allegedly told players we’re losing because of you,” “get the fuck
out,” and if you can’t fucking do it, then don’t do anything at all

• Consistently referred to one player as a “bitch” and “asshole”

• Forced players to do physical drills until they puked, passed out or cried

This fall, Meeks-Rydell became a mother and now has to raise a child and deal with a federal lawsuit featuring eight angry former players.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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