Democrat Governors Event Being Held In … You Guessed It, Florida

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For all of the DeathSantis talk, you’d assume that Democrats would hate the great state of Florida.

Au contraire, as this year’s Democratic Governors Association meeting will be held in Florida.

WNYC’s Jon Campbell reported on Friday that New York’s own Democratic governor, Kathy Hochul, will be in Florida all weekend to attend the event.

The state and its Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, were lambasted throughout the pandemic for boasting one of the least-restricted COVID standards across the nation.

To make matters worse (for Dems), Florida’s economy and COVID rates were on par with some of the best numbers in the nation, without having to restrict his people to indoor masking and vaccine passports.

Ron DeSantis ardently stood against those restrictions, promising his people freedom in the midst of political deceit and medical misinformation from Dems, such as Hochul and her predecessor, former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Hochul joins the laundry list of lying liberals basking in the rays from the Sunshine State.

Contrary to her spite for Gov. DeSantis, NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became one of the foremost figures to be shamelessly spotted in Florida when she escaped for a New Years’ bash — devoid of the COVID mandates that she endorsed back home.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. OK, let’s go over Leftist “Hive Mind” 101.

    While you and I see this as “hypocrisy,” the hive sees it as “pragmatic” — so it’s OK. “The Hive” relies on it’s “leaders” tell them what “reality” is — yes, this is how they think, even when they are unable to admit it. “The Leaders” need to be in a free-ER place to discuss how best to protect and guide “The Hive” (or as one prominent, historical socialist called The Hive: “Das Volk”). WE must remember that to “The Left” [AKA: The Hive], THEY AND US are just part of society and must do what’s best for society; “Das Volk”/Hive/Society is always more important than the individual. And since this meeting/vacation is “best” for society there is no hypocrisy, here (their leaders TOLD them to THINK this meeting is best, so they do!)… C’est la vie!

    This meeting of “Hive” Leaders makes The Hive FEEL better – they don’t “think” (that is for leaders). The Hive only uses “emotion” to guide themselves, so even if this meeting is, by definition, “Hypocritical,” that does not compute with The Hive because they FEEL it is a good thing for the “leaders” to plan what’s best for Society/Hive/Volk, even on vacation is the horridly dangerous and uncouth, Florida [SO BRAVE!!].

    The easiest way to understand “The Hive” is to think of yourself has just a “hand” on the “body” that is society. Now, society can live with or without you, as Society has other “hands” that can do your function for the “body.” If you are hurting the “body,” you can be removed and replaced. If, as a “hand,” you are adorning the “head” (leaders) with make-up and jewels, then you are contributing to the betterment of not just the Head (leaders), but aslo the feet, legs, organs and the asshole, too!

    I’m gonna keep giving little snippets into the philosophy of the modern leftists so that you are better able to argue with them — just be careful, they will use facts and even “logic” from time to time, but ultimately, when you refuse to “assimilate,” they WILL use violence. From a stranger, it is fists and the aforementioned Socialist’s favorite: the “Blackjack.” From family, they use “emotional violence”: crying, screaming, storming out, ignoring you, cutting you off, etc. Just forget it and move on; they are not lost, but will have to have their own “Red Pill” moment – and YOU can’t give it to them.

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