Swimmer Escapes After Croc Chomps Down On His Noggin

Some people just don't use their head before getting in the water, and one unfortunate swimmer almost had a crocodile use it for him.

Actually, there is no evidence that the swimmer was at fault for taking a dip in Lake Placid in northeast Australia where a crocodile was lurking.

The swimmer, a 44-year-old unnamed man, told paramedics that he felt a "sudden impact" on his head, which turned out to be the jaws of a six-foot crocodile clamping on the man's noggin, as relayed by The Guardian.

"He suffered minor puncture wounds to his scalp, the side of his face, shoulder and finger," The Guardian reported. "A critical care paramedic, Paul Sweeney, said he was lucky the injuries weren’t 'significantly worse.'"

Once the man realized what was going on, he put his brain to good use -- clearly hoping it wouldn't be his final opportunity. Thinking swiftly, the swimmer used his hands to push open the crocodile's mouth and free himself from becoming lunch.

He then made a "slow swim" back to shore.

“He was obviously concerned making that swim that the animal would come up and attack him again, but thankfully it didn’t,” Sweeney said.

No word on whether the crocodile thought that the swimmer had a "fishy" taste and therefore decided to set his sights on a less squirmy meal.

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