Food Network Cancels Comedian Over Abortion Views

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Only in America can you be canceled twice. Or canceled once, then canceled again for an entirely different reason.

That is what’s happening with Food Network, which has once again booted comedian Josh Denny from its Ginormous Food program, this time because Denny describes himself as pro-life.

As the New York Post explained, the “self-proclaimed ‘cancelled’ comedian, podcaster and TV host … took to Twitter to respond to Wednesday’s news that effectively outlaws abortion in (Texas).”

He did this by posting a “thread celebrating the ban. He also used a slur while advising women to ‘calm down’ — and said he disagreed that many women wouldn’t know they were pregnant within six weeks of conception.”

Of course, Food Network couldn’t just say silent, perhaps assuming people remember Denny occasionally appeared on its programming or perhaps forgetting that most people never watched Ginormous Food in the first place.

“For those asking: Our working relationship with Josh Denny ended years ago and we removed all episodes he hosted at that time,” the Food Network said in a statement. “His views do not reflect our company values and we regret giving him a platform.”

Denny has been considered controversial in the past for not falling in line with the rest of the liberal activists who now make up the majority of mainstream media.

“This isn’t the first time Denny’s tweets have landed him in hot water with social media watchdogs,” the Post reported. “In 2018, he created quite the viral stir when he refused to apologize for this tweet: Straight White Male has become this century’s N-Word. It’s used to offend and diminish the recipient based on assumption and bias. No difference in the usage.’

“When called out for his inflammatory words, he admitted at the time that it was ‘very incendiary,” the Post added.

But Denny did not apologize.

“I take responsibility for it,” he said, with a large dose of sarcasm. “I said those things.”

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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