Fly With Air Force Over Navy

Navy vs. Air Force, 12 ET

I feel like this might be a game that people want to watch. Any time the military is involved, people get very supportive – as they should. Now we watch the sea take on the air in a battle between the Navy and the Air Force.

Navy is not a great football team. They are just 1-2 on the season but are coming off of their first victory of the year winning in double overtime. If you look at their team, the biggest asset is their rushing defense. On the season, they’ve only allowed 69 yards per game to opponents. With that being the biggest asset of the Air Force’s offense, that’s basically the whole key to the game. Their defense can be attacked through the air, which is ironic because the air is where the Air Force has very little interest in attacking you through. Navy isn’t exactly a balanced attack either. On the year they have 35 passing attempts and 187 rushing attempts. So far, their quarterback, Tai Lavatai, has only completed half of his passes but he hasn’t thrown an interception, so that’s good.

Air Force is built very similarly to Navy in the way that their offensive line and running game is key to their offensive attack. Somehow, with more games played than Navy, they have less passing attempts at just 28. They’ve run the ball 247 times and gotten 1,649 yards – good for 6.7 yards per carry. They have two solid running backs and their quarterback, Haaziq Daniels, has been good on scrambles himself. They also have played better teams than Navy already and have won those games. The only loss on the year game at the hands of a solid Wyoming team. In that game, Daniels had to throw, and it accounted for half of all the passes that Air Force has on the year. I really doubt Daniels will need to sling it a lot in this one, but it is nice to know the capability is there if needed.

The total on this game is very low at just 37.5 points. That doesn’t shock me at all as there will probably be about eighty rushing attempts in the game and maybe 10 or 15 passes for the game. Even though there may be a bit of a struggle to run on Navy, I think this game will be won by Air Force with relative ease. I am going to focus on the first half though. I will play Air Force -7 at -120.

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Written by David Troy

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