Florida Woman Tried To Beat Court Ordered Urinalysis With A Mixture Of Soda & Tap Water

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Attempts to beat drug tests are nothing new. People have been doing so since drug tests were invented. Everything from synthetic urine, which sometimes come with fake appendages, to their friend’s “clean” pee have been used to try to game the system.

Rarely are pill bottles filled with a mixture of soda and tap water used. I say rarely, because at least one person has tried to pull this off. That person is 44-year-old Shannon Hunter.

Florida Woman Shannon Hunter
Florida woman tried to beat urinalysis with pill bottle filled with soda and tap water (Image Credit: The Smoking Gun)

Hunter was arrested this week after she thought she could beat her court ordered urinalysis with her homemade concoction. Obviously, she could not.

The Florida woman was reportedly caught in possession of painkillers without a prescription recently. As a result she was ordered to submit her urine for testing on a regular basis.

Hunter apparently knew she was going to fail when required to provide a sample to her probation officer this week. So she put a prescription pill bottle filled with soda and tap water in her vagina.

Unfortunately for Hunter, her probation officer was familiar with the fake urine hiding in the vagina trick. When her pill bottle was discovered she was arrested.

After being read her rights, Hunter admitted to having the pill bottle inside of herself. She then revealed what her fake urine sample was actually made of.

There Are Ways To Beat A Urinalysis, This Is Not One Of Them

Submitting a urine sample without any actual urine is an interesting strategy. It would have never worked, but you have to give her some credit for the attempt.

Simply submitting urine you know is going to cause you to fail the test is for boring people. Those who like a little action hatch an insane plan.

Hunter appeared in court on Friday and was sentenced to 20 days in jail after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of urinalysis fraud.

The urinalysis fraud is just the latest in a growing list of convictions for Hunter. Something tells me this won’t be her last conviction.

Unless, of course, she hits it big after perfecting her mixture of soda and tap water and her pill bottle delivery system to beat drug tests. All bets are off then.

Written by Sean Joseph

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