Florida Woman Pulls Gun On McDonald’s Drive-Thru Employees Over A Free Cookie

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Another day, another crazy scene at a fast food restaurant. This one involves a Florida woman pulling a gun on McDonald’s drive-thru employees. All because she felt that she was entitled to a free cookie.

Did she get her free cookie? She did and before she decided to pull out her gun, load it, and put one in the chamber. That all sounds like a pretty full afternoon, but she didn’t stop there. She then went into the McDonald’s.

Florida Woman Pulls Gun On McDonald's Drive-Thru Employees
Florida woman accused of pulling gun on McDonald’s employees (Image Credit: Altamonte Springs Police Department)

Amari Hendricks was arrested on February 16 and taken to the Seminole County Jail. The 24-year-old was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, improper exhibit of a firearm, battery causing bodily harm, and resisting an officer.

According to the Altamonte Springs Police Department, the woman was upset that she was not asked if she was using her McDonald’s rewards program when she placed her order. She felt she was owed a free cookie for not being asked about the rewards program.

Who knew McDonald’s had a rewards program and why would not being asked about it upset you? Add these questions to the growing list of things I’ll never understand.

Hendricks calmly asked for her free cookie. Just kidding. According to the drive-thru window employee, Hendricks was irate and started yelling at the employee. She was then given a free cookie.

For reasons she only knows, she continued to argue with the employee. After receiving her cookie and continuing to argue with the employee is when Hendricks decided to clear her schedule for the rest of the day.

The employee says that Hendricks grabbed a handgun, inserted a magazine, and racked the slide. The employee heard two click sounds “associated with someone chambering a round.” She then pointed the gun at the drive-thru window.

Remember when I said that she decided to clear her schedule for the rest of the day? It wasn’t to drive off at this point and eat her food before the police came knocking at her door.

Hendricks choose instead to not eat any of her food, including her free cookie. She parked her car then made her way into the McDonald’s. Employees were able to lock on of the doors, but she was still able to make her way inside.

Thankfully, once inside she didn’t use her gun on anyone. But she did manage to rough up one of the male employees. She hit him multiple times leaving multiple scratches on his face and neck.

Currently we’re not that far off from things being settled with gun duels in the streets. If guns are being pulled over free cookies, who’s to say the dispute won’t be settled old west style?

Written by Sean Joseph


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