Florida Woman Arrested For Putting On A Lewd Video Chat Show For Inmate

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Here’s some free advice for those ladies out there who have boyfriends, husbands or baby daddies in jail: get yourself some side action until he gets out. Take care of yourself while Tito is serving six months for passing bad checks or whatever he’s in for.

Whatever you do, don’t end up like Florida woman Danielle Ferrero, 38, of Punta Gorda who got so hot and bothered during an August 8 video call with an inmate at the Charlotte County (FL) Jail that she ended up pleasuring herself during the call which then led to her arrest and ultimately being thrown into jail.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office says Ferrero and the inmate had a “lewd sexual conversation” going strong for an hour when Danielle cranked things up a notch. She “began touching herself within the visitation building” and eventually started “rocking back and forth in her seat as a form of masturbation.”

Danielle Ferrero mugshot
Danielle Ferrero / Charlotte County Jail

The sheriff’s office says Danielle wasn’t done just yet. She lifted her shirt and exposed her breasts three times for the inmate before deputies interrupted the virtual sex session and hauled her off to the booking room where she was processed into the jail.

Now, before you say something about maybe Danielle not knowing the virtual sex rules at the county jail, a quick search shows that this is her NINTH visit with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s jail system. This isn’t a rookie mistake here.

This is why you get a side piece, Danielle. Now you’ve caught another charge, the court costs that come with it, the probation violation and just the general trouble that comes with knocking one out at the county jail.

Let’s get it together, girlfriend.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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