Florida Woman Arrested For Fighting Her Daughter’s Rival At School While Wearing Boxing Glove

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It appears we have our very first mother-daughter vs. daughter’s rival middle school fight of the year, and it gets even better because this one happened last week in Florida. So, as you guys know, there has to be a twist. There’s zero chance I’m wasting my time posting about a simple mother-daughter vs. daughter’s rival fight at a middle school unless there’s a twist because that scenario is fairly common in the meme state.

Meet Edith Riddle, 34, who goes by ‘_baddbitchediexo’ on Instagram.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office popped Ms. Riddle for brawling in the school cafeteria as her daughter helped rough up the opponent. First Coast News picks up the action from there. “Riddle’s daughter pushed the victim to the ground and threw some punches before the suspect also joined in punching the victim, who was lying on the ground, according to witnesses. A witness also said Riddle appeared to have a boxing glove attached to her left hand, according to the arrest report,” FCN notes.

Florida Woman boxing glove daughter fight
via Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

That’s right, Edith was wearing a boxing glove, and here comes the twist.

Edith showed up to the school for a mother-daughter meeting with the vice principal — before the lunch room brawl — with the boxing glove on her hand. Edith told the school that the glove had been super glued to her hand and it couldn’t be removed.


Now Edith is up for a slew of charges for her actions, but as you suspected, this isn’t her first rodeo with the Florida penal system. Back in 2012, she posted a certificate celebrating her completion of probation with the middle district of Florida.

While the fight is the news here, we really do deserve more information on the boxing glove. Was it medically removed? Was it an MMA glove or a legit boxing glove? Has Edith trained with the mitts? It feels like there’s a full 15 minute interview waiting to happen from this one.

Standby. We’ll see if there’s any further fight reaction from Edith via her social media channels.

Posted by Edith Riddle on Saturday, October 27, 2012

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