Florida State Threatens To Leave ACC While Bashing Current Media Deal Revenue Share, But Doesn’t Have Anywhere To Go Yet

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If Wednesday’s Board of Trustees meeting was any indication, Florida State is not long for its current conference. The Seminoles are set to leave the ACC sooner than later.

A specific timeline for their departure is unclear, but it was made abundantly clear that they are looking to get out as soon as logically possible. It is a “when,” not an “if” at this point.

Florida State trustee Drew Weatherford said so himself:

This revelation comes amidst a larger shuffling of conferences nationwide. USC and UCLA are headed to the Big Ten next year. Colorado is off to the Big 12. Oregon and Washington are looking for new homes. The SEC would love to add Clemson.

Florida State is in search of a new home.

Conference realignment is at its peak right now and the entire landscape of collegiate athletics is going to look extremely different in the coming years. It sure feels like this is the start of the inevitable move toward “Super Conferences,” whether for better or for worse.

And at the core of all of the movement is money.

Cash rules everything around [college football]

— Wu-Tang Clan, kind of

Revenue sharing is at the forefront of the realignment. Every Power Five conference in the country either just renegotiated its current deal, or is set to have its current deal expire in the coming months.

How that money will be distributed is where things get messy.

The Pac-12 has absolute no idea what it is going to do as the conference crumbles.

Although the ACC recently renegotiated its revenue sharing agreement, there were a lot of questions about the result. How long it would keep the current members happy?

Apparently, not long.

The Seminoles are on their way out. Like Weatherford said: when and how, not if.

Florida State’s Board of Trustees met on Wednesday.

Another trustee, Bob Sassar, spoke to Florida State’s frustration with the current ACC deal. He said that his school is not the only one looking to get out.

President Rich McCullough said that the SEC and Big Ten deals puts Florida State way behind in conference distribution. If the Seminoles do not get out of the ACC, they will not be able to compete.

Justin Roth, another trustee on the board, echoed McCullough’s sentiments and alluded to how staying in the ACC would be self-imposed death. Not just for college football, for every sport.

Need more be said? Florida State is in search of its exit strategy— UNLESS the ACC figures out a way to keep the Seminoles around.

What’s next for FSU?

Florida State is hoping to withdraw from the ACC and be somewhere else by the 2025 football season, at the latest. The meeting ended with members saying that they aim to exit out of their ACC TV deal within the next 12 months.

But they don’t have a plan to do so yet, so things could get hairy.

None of these conversations were had behind closed doors. All of this information, all of these frustrations were shared on a public meeting. Everybody knows what they are looking to do.

The question now is how they will do it.

How are the Seminoles going to leave and where are they going to go? Or will the ACC find a way to keep them around?

As of right now, the Florida State Board of Trustees is not scheduled to meet again until September 7.

Written by Grayson Weir

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    • Cost us a decent (but not insurmountable) chunk from ’91, but we’re on an exponential curve in the differential between B1G/SEC vs everyone else. Shit is changing fast. Train’s leaving the station, get on board or be left behind. PAC12 is in a coffin, Big XII is going to be ok with a large pool of teams, and the ACC can survive in some capacity. I prefer going to the SEC given the geography and culture vs B1G being the only other choice when it comes to $$. Add FSU/Clemson, call it a day.

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