Florida Now Lowest Positive COVID Rate In Contiguous US, Half Of New York

New data from The New York Times shows that Florida now has the lowest per capita COVID-19 cases among the contiguous 48 states, with 12 cases per 100,000.

Cases in Florida have also dropped 48% over the last 14 days, the third best rate among states, trailing Georgia and Alabama. The data comes as U.S. citizens and the media continue to label Gov. Ron DeSantis as DeathSantis. Meanwhile, New York, which has been lauded for its COVID-19 strategy of lockdowns, now has double the rate that Florida has, with 25 cases per 100,000.

Safe to say that nickname no longer holds credence, as the state’s unique approach to handling COVID-19 has been a success, with numbers beginning to plummet. All while staying completely open for majority of the last 19 months despite constant criticism from the mainstream media.

While other states and cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City begin to enforce strict vaccination mandates for indoor events, DeSantis has shot down any possibility of that happening in the Sunshine State. That’s good news for those looking to attend NHL and NBA games in the state without worrying if they have their “COVID-19 card” filled out.

That comes from DeSantis following the science and not caving to the fearmongering and narratives from Dr. Anthony Fauci, that a fifth wave could be coming as unvaccinated citizens file into indoor arenas in the fall and winter.

Written by Nick Geddes

Nick Geddes is a 2021 graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. A life-long sports enthusiast, Nick shares a passion for sports writing and is proud to represent OutKick.


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  1. I’ll take Trump or Desantis in 2024. Still haven’t decided which one I’d choose between the two. Trump did a lot of good things, but also had many hiccups. If he wanted to stick it to the deep state ( the ones that fought him every inch) he should have pardoned Assange and Snowden. Assange is being killed slowly for being a journalist. Also Trump chose the worst of the worst to surround himself with. Most turned on him or leaked on him. He needs to get better at choosing people, but like I said I’d still vote for him. I’d like to see Desantis get his shot. He seems totally legit. He has a good circle around him and he’s getting shit done in Florida. Time will tell.

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