Florida Man Under The Influence Arrested For Crashing Boat Into Marina

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Florida man Brendan Sheridan, 32, is in big trouble for the mess he caused Saturday afternoon at Bayfront Park Marina in Sarasota, FL. Sheridan crashed into several vessels while piloting a boat. Video of the incident shows Sheridan gunning it as he rams a boat and dock before finally coming to a stop.

“I just got on my camera I was like ‘oh no one’s gonna believe us. I have to start recording,’” said Kayla McLaughlin, who recorded the incident.

“It was just coming for all the boats and everyone on the boat next to him screaming ‘shut it off, shut it off,’” she recounted. “In a couple of minutes later, he goes right into the boats.”

This isn’t Sheridan’s first rodeo with the Sarasota police. In 2017, he was arrested for stabbing a man. It’s still unclear how Sheridan got his hands on the boat used during Saturday’s incident. Police have slapped him with three counts of boating while under the influence with property damages.

Florida Man crashes boat into other boats in Sarasota marina
Brendan Sheridan / via Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

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